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Thank You Imran Khan!

The results of general elections 2018 have proved that legendary Imran Khan has broken the iron wall of dynastic politics in Pakistan.

But to travel this lengthy and perilous journey from 1996, when he formed Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf (PTI), to 2018 was not an easy ride.

Khan voluntarily took the mission of awakening Pakistanis who were in deep sleep at the hands of ‘political monarchs’.

His nation was so stubbornly attached with these ‘political monarchs’ that most of them did not pay heed to him.

They laughed, ridiculed and tried all measures to thrash him, but he didn’t sway. He didn’t lose hope.

He was such a person who had everything in life. Money, fame, contacts, travelling, global identity, in fact he was having everything to the highest standards.

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But that guy was committed to his nation. He was alone in the start. He might have left the dirty field of politics after his initial failures and may shift to the cozy life of west, but he knew what he was going to do, no other person could do it in existing status co of politics in Pakistan. He opted to fight instead of leaving the arena.

That was a strange political battlefield for him in Pakistan. Some of the people for whom he was fighting were also against him. They wanted to stay in same miseries which were imposed on them by political monarchs who were acting as ‘political lords’ for masses.

If we look back at Khan’s struggle, we have to say thanks to him at every point of his struggle because he was fighting for us and most of us were against him in those times.

In 1996, PTI was formed. In 1997’s general elections, Imran Khan stood in seven constituencies but he couldn’t win even in a single constituency. Thank you Khan for not leaving us, albeit we, as a nation, were not voting for you.

Then came 2002, when general elections were held. Khan won only one seat of National Assembly in Mianwali.

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Most of Pakistanis sidestepped his awakening campaign and opted for other parties. He has to face ridicule in assembly for having only one seat. He tolerated torrent of harsh comments but stood firm in the face of odds. Thank you Khan for your unshaken determination, though most of us were against you at that time.

Imran Khan boycotted the 2008 general elections taking a principled stance against corruption and to protest Musharraf’s rule.

Thank you Khan for not quitting your struggle though only a few of us were with you!

At the dawn of 2013 general elections, our sleeping nation awoke in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and many other areas.

This time Khan garnered majority in KPK and succeeded in forming government in KPK. In National Assembly PTI rose as third major party. Pakistan People’s Party became the opposition party but it surprised the world by acting as ‘too much friendly opposition’.

Once again, Thank you Imran Khan for highlighting the national issues when opposition was extra-ordinary friendly with government!

When wonks at International think tanks were contemplating that this guy will lose heart one day, Khan was busy day and night in awareness campaign among his fellow citizens.

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His odds launched skyrocketing anti-khan campaigns to pile up pressure on him to muzzle his voice but he showed immense courage amid all these escalating tensions.

He showed his nation the pathway to glory, dignity and justice. His open words,no compromises shed light on the massive corruption of former rulers. He realized his nation what they are and what they should be.

With the passage of time, Khan got more mature politically and he learnt a lot about ground realities.

He showed little bit flexibility and started accepting a few electables also for General Elections of 2018. It was his compulsion because we as a nation proved that we can’t live without a few winning horses. Thank you Khan for understanding our psyche and for making a few compromises.

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In the wake of 2018 general elections, all major parties were against him because he was the symbol of ‘no compromises on corruption’.

This time, people realized his message, his struggle and his sacrifices. They stood with him. He became premier in waiting when results started pouring in on the evening of Election Day. He has risen to power now, but his mission is not accomplished yet!

We hope that he will not forget the promises, all the hopes, he has given to nation. We were sleeping deeply. You have awakened us.

Now we expect that you will do what you promised. We will be with you in this mission.

Please give us a chance to say “Thank you Khan, You have done what you have promised!”

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