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The illusion of being perfect in an imperfect world!

Yesterday I went to a pharmacy to get some lozenges but somehow bought a newly introduced “serum” for face.

It promised to change the skin by reducing sun spots, fine lines, and environmental damage. Where was this before? This is what I need the most.

In a few seconds, I was day dreaming about a clear spotless skin by using this serum for the first time.

I have been blessed with good skin Alhamdulillah but all these new skin care products are inclined to make me believe that my skin is not perfect and I need them anyways.

I just tried to ignore that and took a few steps and I felt like that “serum” is calling my name and telling me to buy that. Finally I was able to listen to my inner conscience and walked away.

I am sure most of the women and sadly (many men too) can totally relate to this.

This is not just about skin care products but also many other fancy items which (frankly speaking) are not worth buying at all.

We buy them by thinking how we need them and after using it for twice or thrice, they get a backseat.

This world is actually trying to dishearten us every single day.

The world and especially economy cannot afford a happy and self contended person. Such people would not need any such fancy items to buy and this fear is a big threat for economy. Women in old times had minimum skin care and make up items and yet they glowed more than us.

They were more contended and delighted. On the other hand, contemporary women have almost all kind of makeup items and skin care products but they are still not satisfied.

Men on the other hand, who never needed such facial care, are inclined to believe that their skin needs care exactly women take care of their skins.

And yes, now men believe that and they have their own skin care line.

Advertisements, product companies and overall media are there to make us worry about different issues. This mantra helps to sell their respective products.

Make people anxious about aging and launch anti-ageing creams and injections.

Make people worry about frizzy hair and introduce a hair conditioner. Make people insecure about their physical flaws and bring in plastic surgery. Make them concerned about everything and get them to buy insurance.

Unfortunately this world cannot afford a calm human being who is happy with his messy and not so upgraded lifestyle.

Now this is on us how we can control ourselves from buying unnecessary things and be contended with ourselves.

We all have a tendency to splurge on non- essential items but to hold ourselves back from getting tempted to aimless spending is something we all need to do.

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