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How to HACK a Job

Unemployment is increasing across the globe with a high pace due to lack of employment opportunities, economic slow-down, increasing number of graduates in the market and many other obvious or hidden factors. Getting a job is really not an easy task.

You cannot simply apply for the job, as you literally have to HACK the job and that’s easier said than done.

You have to demonstrate high-level patience and persistence. What does HACK mean.? I am not advising you to hack the career

I am not advising you to hack the career portals of the companies or recruitment agencies.

H – Hunt

A – Apply

C – Communication

K – Keenness



Hunting a job is easy but technical. You have to understand your knowledge, skills and abilities to search
suitable jobs according to your profile and skillset. Companies publish their vacancies on various

Companies publish their vacancies on various platforms like Newspaper Advertisements, Career portals, LinkedIn and other social channels. Beware,

Beware, majority of vacancies also go unannounced, so you have to be very thorough and professional to do the
research of employment market. Tap your network and connect with people. Many people in your

Tap your network and connect with people. Many people in your existing network may have vacancies relevant to you but never through about you. Try to list down all of your contact and set a goal to communicate with all of them and let them know about your availability for career move.

Identify the decision maker and source of information and strengthen your professional relationship with them. Many candidates fail to conduct a proper research due to lack of awareness and information. Connect with alumni, we generally like those, who are like us. Grow your

Grow your network by attending alumni events and strengthen your relationship with peers and seniors. Maximize
the use of LinkedIn to get maximum information about companies and upcoming jobs. Connect with the

Connect with the HR Professionals and potential bosses, working in the industry that suits you.



Don’t just shortlist and apply for the vacancies on the basis of position titles, go through the job
descriptions in detail and compare it with your CV.

Please apply only for relevant vacancies.

Word “relevant” is very integral, you should not apply to the vacancies beyond your skillset, otherwise you will
only waste your precious time.

Before you send out any applications, you should do a little work on your online reputation to make sure it’s up to hiring managers’ par.

You should carefully update your profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Go through the employer’s website, get information about their business process, company culture, organizational values etc., after a careful research about the organization and the job, if you really think that you are the perfect candidate for this role, forward your application.



After searching and applying for the relevant vacancies, now you have thrown the ball in the court of the After searching and applying for the relevant vacancies, now you have thrown the ball in the court of the
recruiters. Recruiters may or may not shortlist you for the interview phase due to high number of

Recruiters may or may not shortlist you for the interview phase due to high number of applicants. If you are confident that you fulfill all the requirements of the role, don’t sit back and relax,and wait for your turn.

Try to find out some connections within that company, get in touch with the recruitment team. Push your connections to arrange a face-to-face interview so that you could your mettle.

In case you don’t find any connections within your network, try to talk or meet the recruiters directly. Try to get a feedback about your employment application.

Believe me, this communication will definitely help you to get yourself on the interview table if you meet the job requirements.

Effective communication is the key to success. But please communicate with the recruiters or employers during the office hours, try to respect their personal life.



During your communication or interaction with the recruiters or potential employers, show your
keenness, enthusiasm and motivation to join them.

Keep in mind the difference between keenness and desperation.

Employers and recruiters should not get the impression that you are desperate for the job, your desperation may result into a negative impression.

Employers may exploit your desperation in many ways.

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