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Era of hashtags, trends and prevalent injustice

Recently an eight-year old girl from Bakarwal community in India-Occupied Kashmir got raped in a sacred place by a group of influential people.

She was raped for five days but brutality didn’t end there as the rapists smashed her face with stone.

#JusticeForAsifa was the trend

Last month, a 24 year old pregnant singer Samina Sindhu got killed in Larkana during a live performance as she refused to dance due to her pregnancy.

Her dead body was taken to a nearby hospital but no one attended her.

According to her husband, police wasn’t ready to lodge FIR until media reported the incident….Yes, it was a double murder..

#JusticeforSaminaSindhu was the trend

Few months back 7-year old Zainab got raped and killed by a man in Kasur.

The rapist was a neighbor of the baby girl, who, after this injustice, threw her body in a garbage heap.

The incident happened when her parents were out of country.

She went for a Quran recital class and later on found missing and then trash bin was the place.That demon just got a punishment to be hanged four times.

#JusticeforZainab was the trend

A brave Indian lady is in battle field to fight against brutality of Kathua incident as lawyer in her recent she said her life is under risk.

I fear that  in few days there would be another hashtag… #JusticeforDeepikaSingh

She would be killed for she doesn’t know the rules of our society? she doesn’t know the only guilt of women is that she is a women..and then how can she raise her voice through a proper channel?


And then a recent widespread prevalent hashtag me too, thousand of stories,million of voices that were been withdrawn from there sullen silence through this hashtag.

Yes,words that are more then enough to shake you form head to tow are there waiting for you.


How many time humanity will ignominy its self to this level?? How many times girls  will suffer under this umbrella of bizarre and outlandish men dominated society??

How many hashtags will it take?

No law been made in-spite of these incidents on which humanity is ashamed,and another hashtag I am ashamed arouse on which women like Kareena Kapoor and Sania Mirza are being trolled by none other than MEN of our society.

For the ‘greatest sin’ that she married a Muslim man and having a baby of Muslim men and other who got married in Muslim country,What a shame,what kind of as hole we are?


Indian father allegedly gifted her daughter to two of his friends and later own joined them in a gang rape of her.  I am ashamed, the whole humanity is ashamed.

What is the way to get justice or there is no way out?? females are oppressed and will be tyrannized ever and forever ?? where are our laws under which humanity is equality?? No public hanging,No punishment that can set example?

We are here to raise hashtags?? top trends?? limelight of a story for a day or two?? i don’t know if my voice and many other voices like me will not create a change then what am I doing here ??

But this fight for justice will not stop,we will fight for justice fight for feminism,fight for our rights.

But just not trending a hashtag..

Fight for justice will no more be limited to hashtags.I repeat NO MORE!

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