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Greedy Monsters

“Uncle, where are we going?” She tried to inquire.

“I haven’t informed my mother about it that I’m going with you.” She informed.

“What are you doing with me?” She was shocked.

“Stop! I cannot allow you to touch my private parts.” She warned him

“Stop doing this otherwise I’ll shout.” Exasperatedly, she said.

“You are hurting me; I beg you please don’t do this to me.” She pleaded.

She yelled, cried, wept, sobbed, wailed but that monster didn’t stop.

She kept on begging but the monster was hungry. After a few minutes, it was over.

It was over with grief, torment, trauma, wounds and stains of blood!

And of course with a lot of pain!

After the violent torture, she was lashed in fear.

Khabar main kyun tasveer faqat zainab ki hai?

Kachre se jo mili hai laash, woh hum sab ki hai!

Above mentioned lines are not taken from any fictional genre, this painful situation is real.

This situation is faced by all those little angels those who were and are being raped by GREEDY MONSTERS. These greedy monsters are disguised as humans; they maybe their relatives, neighbours, friends or strangers. But one thing is for sure that they don’t have humanity!

She was a child,

Her uncle took her to his room and told her to be silent,

Her soul was crushed,

It pained but she was raised to obey elders,

Society taught her to keep her secrets deep

Or else you will be judged as characterless.

Sometimes fairy tales become untold nightmares,

Still, she smiles every day!

Not each and every raped girl is brutally killed. Some are left alive;

To be raped every day by those worst memories!

To be raped by the questions of this society!

And to be raped by recalling the feelings she had in those horrible moments!

One’s body shivers after every minute just because of those fearsome memories, this situation is so traumatic that taking sound sleep becomes a horrible dream.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where complete rape is only considered as RAPE, otherwise, girls are not allowed to complain about the abuse they face each and every day.

The moment she complains about nasty and offensive stare or about displeasing or grody touch, she gets a reply, “Sshhhh! Ahista Kaho koi sun lega.”

Tum to kehte ho sirf janwar hi darinde hote hain;

Maine insaan ko insan nigalte dekha hai!

Why these decisions are not taken immediately?

Why we wait for the situation to turn into the worst?

Why parents feel ashamed in defending their daughters?

Just because they don’t want their gents to be involved in any grapple!

Parents make the situation so worst that the same child becomes the victim of multiple rape attempts by the same pervert!

Those perverts wither tiny buds before they bloom. Not only watchmen and gatekeepers are involved but the height of shame is when teachers are incriminated in this kind of sin. A number of girls are being raped every day in our society moreover perverts are free from any punishment; they are free to increase the number of raped victims every day. The current era is full of technology but it is becoming difficult day by day to arrest perpetrators.

They don’t only deserve the punishment of hang till death but the end of these perverts should be fearsome for others so that no one can even think about it.

It’s time to differentiate between good and evil, atrocious and kind, friend and foe. It is totally the parent’s responsibility to educate their children about how to keep them safe from greedy monsters; they should know how to defend themselves. Parents are the one who can provide mental and physical security to a child.

The trauma of being raped can never be drained off by one’s consciousness, stains of blood can be washed out from the clothes but filthy stains of trauma leaves its residue on one’s soul forever.

Because forgetting is difficult, remembering is worst!

Kaise sambhaal payenge khasta badan ki raakh,

Hum larte larte thuk gaye apne hi bakht se.

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