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How freelancing can make you stay productive during lockdown

Freelancing has become one of the biggest industries for earning and generating money. You only need to have few analytical skills, good know-how of English, and a laptop with Wifi connection and that’s it. Pakistanis are well-aware of the online industry today.

According to the eRozgar website, Pakistan is considered to be amongst the top five countries, ranked fourth in the Online Labor Index published in 2017 by Oxford Internet Institute, where people earn approximately $0.5 billion from freelancing.

Similarly, the average salary of a freelancer is Rs. 28,909 per month in Pakistan.

This means that Pakistan has the potential to compete with the world’s biggest markets such as the US which according to the Global Gig-Economy Index, generated 78% of freelancer earnings through gig economy in 2019, followed by U.K (59%), and Brazil (47%). While Pakistan stood fourth with 47% of the increase in its freelancer revenues in the previous year and stood among the top 10 countries of Asia that enjoyed generating money through the online industry.

However, from the very beginning of the year 2020, the world has experienced major economic crises due to COVID-19.

Even, the biggest economies of the world such as the US, the U.K, Italy, Spain, and France have encountered havoc due to this pandemic. Despite taking all the possible measures from increasing medical staff to complete lockdown in the country, they have been unable to overcome this catastrophe.

Then how could a developing country like Pakistan be expected to control the coronavirus cases which has its 40% population living below the poverty line. Certainly, the current lockdown situation in our country is creating panic and distress in nearly the people of all ages. The mainstream and social media are thoroughly engulfed with the news of increasing coronavirus cases and the number of casualties daily.

This created anxiety, suffering, and perturbation among the youth. Schools, colleges, and universities are closed which has limited the students to stick to their homes. Many institutes came up with the idea of arranging online classes using online media forums which have badly failed in our country.

Teachers and students are not satisfied with the unplanned mechanism that is adopted for online classes. As a result, most of the institutes canceled the online classes and thus looking forward to June for resuming the semesters.

In current circumstances, the youth of Pakistan seems to be directionless, completely bored with having no physical and mental activity. I have heard many students complaining about their monotonous and dull sort of routine.

They seem to be perturbed for not having interesting and thought-provoking activities nowadays. Those who are interested in working as freelancers find no direction of where to start. Especially, the ones having social and technical writing skills find no reliable site where they could articulate their talent.

Because, where there are many benefits of online earning, certain cases of frauds have also been reported by the writers who work with full honesty and dedication but fall victim to fraudsters. I, being an academic and content writer, have also faced such ploys

. Therefore, I decided to guide my fellows who are beginners and do not know about online earning strategies. I want to share an idea of how they could start their own business or at least work part-time or a few hours to showcase their talent while sitting at their homes.

Many online websites offer full-time or part-time jobs in Pakistan and you will be well-aware of these because they keep on posting advertisements regarding typing/data entry/academic/blog and content writing/ graphic designing and many other such kinds of vacancies for their websites.

They require freelancers for a full time/ part-time or hourly basis job. I know about many websites that are linked to Amazon through Amazon Affiliate Program.

This program provides a means for websites to earn money through the advertisement of various products linked to Amazon. It is a win-win mechanism where both parties enjoy earning. As I mentioned earlier, I am also a freelancer. I love academic and content writing and have been writing many letters to English newspapers on different socio-politico and educational issues in my country for the past two years.

I searched for a reliable website that could give me a freelancing job to utilize my leisure time during this lockdown. I came up with the advertisement of content writing job given by the website Life Falcon, affiliated with Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

The website offered a handsome money package for the beginners interested in content and blog writing besides an open choice for getting work as per your convenience and capacity; therefore, I decided to work with it.

What I want you to know is that many websites are working with Amazon company and are generating money through the advertisement of their different products. You can also use the same idea! You just need to create your website, build your Amazon Associate profile and create Amazon Affiliate links. The rest of the work will be done by your active bloggers and content writers.

Running such a website requires no special skills or previous experience but only your correct strategy and team-leading skills. Similarly, those interested in content writing can also showcase their writing abilities by working with these websites.

They can write reviews on different products, their use, and their features including electronics, sports and medical equipment, home appliances and many more. Not only sticking to product reviews, but other educational topics can also be touched regarding educational and social life.

Being a freelancer, I believe that adopting this idea would certainly play a significant role in building the team leading and managerial skills among the youth apart from earning online.

Besides, it would also help in developing their critical thinking and writing abilities which is the ultimate motive of the current government.

Currently, a well appreciative step has been taken by the government to on-air the classes for grades 1 to 12 as part of the TeleSchool Project.

I suggest that the government should also introduce programs where the youth of Pakistan is given guidelines on how to start their own online business or showcase their skills through freelancing.

In this way, we would certainly be able to bring Pakistan’s name on top of the list of the world’s biggest online markets.

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