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Expectations of a deprived nation

Our nation’s current generation has mostly seen the country diving in the chasm of failures and confusion.

We have seen a constant decline in morality, ethical bankruptcy, selective approach to religion, societal dissonance and reluctance/ unwillingness to change of previous generations.

Although this continuous decadent created an environment of frustration but this very frustration also seemed to be a blessing in disguise.

The majority of younger and enthusiastic generation took this as an opportunity (fortunately) and tried to put their efforts in the overall betterment of the society.

Political thoughts are responsible to a large extent to shape the future of any nation by penetrating all the attributes on which the society builds up.

If used wisely, this can make the nation took off or the intense disparity fueled by self-interests can halt the progress of any nation.

We can relate this to our immediate neighbors in the north (China) and the west (Afghanistan).

The new brains of our young generation are all set and willing to welcome the ‘change’ and want to break the status-quo of decades, but they need to understand the underlying aspects of this process which require consistency and planning.

This thought process found its leader in political domain in the form of Imran Khan and the current newly-formed government is the open example to this idea.

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This whole ‘idea of change’ will be successful if it is mirrored by other societal domains too – within the available time window – with the same spirit.

Although this government seems to be enthusiastic and passionate in delivering the ‘change’ it promised but they have set some unfeasible and impractical goals for themselves in front of the deprived nation.

And like any ‘deprived’ person for a long time, this nation will also lose the ‘sense of rationality’ soon.

If this government wishes to survive for a five-year tenure and to avert the crisis that is approaching, it may have to work more aggressively in the diverse manner by addressing the ‘issues’ that will have an impact on the larger population.

At the same time, it is imperative to educate the nation about the process of change along-with what it takes and prepare the nation to accept the idea.

Difference between progressing and declining societies lies in the ability to understand the concept of ‘patience’ & ‘determination’.

Change is in itself a long process that comprise of these two ingredients.

Government may fail but the real failure will be if we failed to deliver the ‘change’ we sought.

Nations are built by the consonance on the ‘idea’ that it believes in and the road-path to achieve the objectives set in the light of the great idea.

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