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Depression and bullying take another precious soul

A 26-year-old, young, aspiring and talented model Anam Tanoli, also a photographer from Milan left us on September 1 by committing suicide.

If one looks back at her life and the days when she was alive, those who know her say that she was suffering daily because of people’s comments and criticism over her choice of profession.

It’s not something new, especially in the world where social media allows you to express yourselves freely. The lack of education and sense sometimes leads people to shame people on irrelevant things without knowing how the person would feel.

Few days back, Anam Tanoli posted a picture on Instagram story when she was sick and people called her fake and attention seeker, to which she responded to leave her alone.

Nobody cared or noticed then; nobody knew what she was going through or bothered to talk to her until she hanged herself in her house in Lahore’s DHA.

Depression is REAL and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Not everybody knows how and what depression feels like until you experience it yourself, especially when someone is going through body complex or personality disorder anxiety.

Anam Tanoli took her life, suffering from depression and anxiety (that’s what her friends have been saying on social media) though she was successful, talented and beautiful yet she had no one to tell her that.

We see the celebrities in their glamorous life and feel free to pass a judgment or remark like it doesn’t matter, but if he had known how much it affects them we wouldn’t ever do it.

Robin William hanged himself in the age of 63, Lucy Gordon the British actress also hanged herself suffering from depression, Avicii cut himself and bled to death, the famous designer Kate Spade also hanged herself in her Manhattan apartment and the list goes on.

Whatever happens, happens for a reason but how long until another one takes his/her own life and leaves us shattered. How long will it take for us to act upon it?

Anam Tanoli’s death gave us a lesson, a lesson that mental health is a serious issue and that only cowards use social media for bullying.

We never know the battle an individual is fighting within nor can we imagine. The least we can do is talk about it and try to reduce it.

We should make people aware about how depression is real and how bullying is NOT OKAY.

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