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Deforestation and Forest Degradation

To be an environmentalist is to care about the environment and to care about life on planet Earth.

Being a true environmentalist, I can’t stand anyone wasting water, throwing garbage and most importantly cutting trees.

I was taught all this awareness during my childhood and now I realize how important it to learn is.
Our society and most of the people do not realize how imperative trees are.

by Hadia Rahman

Currently, I am posted in Abbottabad and what saddens me the most here is the illegal cutting of trees. Why illegal because I am sure forest department cannot allow legal cutting of such precious and old trees. I am writing this article to create awareness and most importantly, to let current government and forest department know that Abbottabad and Galliyat are being ruined by deforestation and forest degradation.

This region is precious and famous for tourism because of the beautiful forests and serene green beauty.

Deforestation and illegal cutting of trees is definitely polluting the atmosphere with less chances of regional rainfall. Overall temperature of this region is increasing every year. Whenever I visit Galliyat, I come across at least ten to fifteen spots on the way selling hundreds of tree trunks and wood logs openly .

by Hadia Rahman

A year back I wrote how a fast food chain cut number of trees to construct their outlet in the outskirts of Abbottabad. This deforestation caused erosion afterwards.

Current government is already trying its best to promote plantation and it has already taken many steps to make environment clean and green. Tourism sector of our country largely depends upon areas having forests and greenery including this region but unfortunately with such rapid rate of deforestation, these areas won’t be the same.

by Hadia Rahman

Kumrat has been getting all the hype for last few years for its beautiful and scenic forests but it annoys me to see how illegal cutting of forests is affecting that region also. Abbotabad main market has atleast around eight spots for selling tree trunks and wood logs openly.

I write for the trees, for the trees have no tongues, Deforestation is changing our climate, harming people and the natural world. We need to reverse this trend.

by Hadia Rahman

There are many countries which have banned deforestation and Pakistan needs to do the same desperately.

A tree supplies oxygen for upto four people and absorbs one ton of carbon di oxide by the time it is forty years old.

by Hadia Rahman

Don’t you think it is worth saving? Trees are undoubtedly our best defence against climate change.

The air they breathe out is the air we breathe in .Almost 50% of Earth’s original forest cover is already gone. Much of it destroyed within the past three decades. Humans are plague on earth. Reduced rainfalls, increased global warming and most floods are caused by humans, not weather.

Deforestation has resulted in the loss of ecosystem services. Forest department needs to monitor large scale deforestation since selective logging has been mostly invisible.

by Hadia Rahman

It is our responsibility to protect forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect them for birds, animals, rainfall and clean air. We are the last generation with a real opportunity to save the world. Let us save earth since there is no other planet to live.

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