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The Other Side of Comparison

Since we belong to a conservative society so comparison is something which all of us are well aware of.

As they say every Indian and Pakistani parent finds your cousins better than you.

Every single person can tell you many incidents where he or she was brutally compared to someone else in terms of studies, sports, figure, complexion and even jobs.

This comparison stresses up talented individuals and has stopped many dreamers from pursuing their passion.

Desi parents sometime fail to understand that every individual is different from other. If a person is not good at studies, he might be a pro at sports or arts. If a person is unable to deliver a good speech, he/she might be a champ in singing. If a person is an amazing writer, he/she might not be good at sports.

Our history gives us ample examples of such genius people who changed the course of history but couldn’t perform well at schools.

I have struggled with it most of my life just as most of the people have.

This tendency of comparing ourselves with others is as human as any other emotion.

What makes this attribute plagued is how this steals the joy and accomplishment and makes one unappreciative of all the blessings he/she has.

Every person is blessed in some way and by comparing a particular attribute to someone who might has it better simply makes us unable to see all the good things in our basket.

We simply need to focus on the good things we have and count the blessings.

If we ever feel unappreciative of our blessings, we need to focus on those who are not even having what we have. This would definitely make us more thankful.

The spike of comparison is natural and the social media is primed to amplify it up. Social media has been designed in a way that the followers and likes tell the worth of a person but this is not the reality.

Judging someone from their social media profile is definitely half the story as why would someone portray his/her story darker on social media? The reality could be different.

Measuring the self against others is definitely what everyone does but it should be for betterment. The inspiration one gets from looking at someone else’s achievements should drive him/her to do better in his/her life not feeling chronically depressed or inferior. One needs to use comparison to amplify optimism and diminish the negativity both online and off.

Let us remember that the race we all are running in, is not the same for everyone. One simply cannot compare oranges and apples’ seeds. We all have shortcomings and trust me, if we are given a chance to exchange our shortcomings, we simply won’t.

There would always be someone ahead and someone behind.

So come out of this trap and pursue joy!

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and do not represent ARY policies or opinion.