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Deforestation: How it is affecting climate

Deforestation is a process of removing trees and forests from landscape.

This is done for many reasons including making way for other lands such as agriculture, and also to harvest other wood resources.

Although it might not be you see or hear everyday deforestation is a problem that is happening all over the world and has been for many years, you would be wondering that how it can affect you.

Why should I care? Well think about the desk on which you are sitting at, and the pencil and paper you are writing with, and along all the majority of furniture you are using at home. What all of them have in common?  They are all made from trees. Trees make a lot of different product that we use every single day. Which means we have to cut down a lot of trees to make them.

So, now you may be thinking why I should care, there are a lot of trees in the World. It’s true, there are lot of tree on the Earth. Infect forest covers a quarter of all land surfaces on earth.

But the problem is the rate at which we harvest them. Currently humans are cutting down the forest at the rate of 36 trees per minute.

Deforestation effects many eco-system functions, but the question we are asking is how this it impacts climate  First of all let’s talk about the Carbon Cycling.

Think about how you breathe, you breathe in Oxygen and you breathe out Carbon Dioxide. Trees do the opposite they absorb Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis.

When we cut down large amount of trees Carbon Dioxide is no longer absorbed and it stays in the atmosphere.

This is the problem because Carbon Dioxide act as a greenhouse gas.

This means it act as a greenhouse by absorbing radiation back down to Earth. Greenhouse gases have a warming effect, and because large amount are being released in the atmosphere all around the World they are having a Global Warming effect.

On the local scale however, deforestation is having different effect.

First let’s talk about Albedo, the Albedo is the amount of light that is reflect of the surface, and may control Albedo is surface’s color.

Dark color absorb most of the light that is why black car get most heated on the sunny day. White reflect light that is why white don’t get that heated on the sunny day. The same is true with land a dark surface such as forest cover will absorb the light whereas a bare surface will reflect light. This causes a local cooling effect.

This precipitation pattern are also effected by deforestation. When it rains trees absorb water. Through transpiration land loss water which is evaporated in atmosphere.

Then cloud are formed by evaporated water, and when it’s enough collected it began to rain. The cycle then repeat itself. However the cycle is disrupted when deforestation occurs.

When it rains there are no tree left to up take the water, so most of the rain water collect and move from the surface.

This mean little water is left to be evaporated. So that means there is a smaller contribution towards the cause of rain. Eventfully this disgrace the environment because it is lacking the water that it need.

Deforestation has many negative effect on environment, but it can’t be completely stopped because humans relay on it so heavily. So what we can do? One way to fix this problem is to change how we harvest trees. Instead of cutting down every single tree we can select that which tree is to be cut and let others try to maintain the eco system function.

Protecting and conserving ecologically sensitive area is another way to decrease deforestation. By selectively choosing regions we can conserve the growth of forest and also protect endangered species inhabitants.

We can make a difference too by reducingwhich mean less whether it is paper, pencils or even toothpicks. The other ways is to reuse it is easy and conceiving money.

Use reuse container instead of disposable once. Lastly, it is Recycle, this mean disposing waste properly. Make sure recyclable items go in correct bin and can be made in something new. Try and reduce water impact you can make a difference.

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