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Denying joys of retired life to parents

On our holiday to Oxford, I saw many European retired couples holding hands, going for a walk, doing activities that they enjoy together. They look much happier, smiley and content. They have an year of holidays planned (lazy, sight…

The Causes and Effects of Smog

Smog is a type of air pollutant. The word "smog" was coined in the early 20th century as a blending of the words smoke and fog to refer to smoky fog, its opacity, and odor. Smog also has few types. At least two distinct types of…

Innate Morality: Are We Born Good or Bad?

The power of choosing good and evil is within the reach of all. – Origen When we study humans, it is providential that some things are innate in humans from point of their creation. The things which are innate, the need of food is…