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I am here My name is Malala

This Poem is to thank the World leaders those who Supported Malala in the Hours of Trouble, Specially the director General of UNESCO-and HER STAFF extraordinaire-She came out very very Strong in Condemning the sad adventure which is…

Milli Naghma’s – Why No More ?

While walking on the streets of Tariq Road, I had an experience that was a bit disturbing and made me wonder where we, as in 'Pakistani's are heading for? Amidst the crowded streets, one can easily spot small and big stalls loaded with…

Blessed Month of Ramadan Around

The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner. Ramadan is considered as the holy month of blessings by Muslim Ummah and has great importance in Islam. Special arrangements are made to observe this month in Pakistan like rest of the Muslim…