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Point of View

Do you have a point of view that you wish to share with the world? Reach out to the world through ARY News, Send us your blogs and let the world know your point of view.

Behind every successful woman is herself

Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little. Samuel Jackson. This is a true fact which many of the males in our society will not accept. Woman gives birth to a life. Then she…

23rd March 1940: The forgotten message

For many people out there, the Lahore resolution 1940 might just be another chapter they need to study for a Pakistan Studies exam and Pakistan Day---just another national holiday to sleep through. But for the Muslims of the…

Do you really believe in the Day of Judgment?

Over the years, belief has become a problematic word for me. Religious people are too fixated on scoring brownie points with God by exhausting all their efforts into believing this and believing that, all the while, failing to utilize that…