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Khewra Salt Mines, A Wonder of the World

The Khewra Salt Mines, near Pind Dadan Khan, in the Salt Range region of Punjab, Pakistan is truly a 'Wonder of the World'.  The Salt Range originated 800 million years ago, when the 300 km area under sea water evaporated, followed by…

Anatomy Of Pak-US Relationship

Pak-US relationship is seventy years old story. It had been like that and it will be like that. The gist of the problem is that our interests are based on negativity, of both. The negativity on nuclear weapons, on terrorism after nine…

Finding Grey

Any dictionary would give you a very different meaning to the words ‘hypocrite’, ‘politically correct’ and ‘pragmatist’; however I feel these words are often used interchangeably in today’s world. I took a course last semester, it told me a…