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Do you believe in freedom of expression? It is the platform through which you can get your voice heard. Anything happening in media that you want to comment on or your opinion regarding any media personality or event post it here on ARY NEWS Blogs.

Orlando Shooting – Sheer Brutality!

About 50 people died in the mass shooting at a nightclub in Florida, United States of America. The Orlando shooting is being ranked as the deadliest mass shooting in America since 1982. The shooter has been identified as Omar Mateen, an…

Aamir – The Torment

I am really ashamed to say this that I haven’t seen Ghalib the movie, you know what I mean? Wink* But ufortunately, I'm among those who literally wasted three minutes & 2 seconds of their precious life while seeing Amir Liaqat's Pak…

Slander, Slurs and the Society

What Shireen Mazari endured yesterday in the assembly - being referred to as a 'tractor-trailer' by the opposition member Khawaja Asif- is not the first time an individual has been humiliated this way, neither is it the last. Political…