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Do you believe in freedom of expression? It is the platform through which you can get your voice heard. Anything happening in media that you want to comment on or your opinion regarding any media personality or event post it here on ARY NEWS Blogs.

‘Total Siyapaa’: A Total …?!?

Ali Zafar, Pakistan’s heartthrob, drop dead gorgeous artist took a raise in his career and started doing Bollywood movies since 2010. In the past his movie like ‘Chashme Baddoor’ ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’…

The death of Mera Sultan Fever!

It is unbelievably true, whether one agrees to it or not, Mera Sultan had become everybody’s one of the most favourite Turkish drama, after Ishq-e-Manoon.The fever gradually began when the first few episodes of this old Turk…

Is Censor Board Playing its role?

Censor Board is supposed to be an institution for the protection of viewers by controling the content that should be allowed by the TV channels, movies makers and theater producers. Being an Islamic Country, our censor board has failed…