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Colors on screen deteriorating colors of life

“It feels great when my kid operates touch screen devices but …why he doesn't respond well to grasp things or play with his toys?” More than 50% families around the world used different devices to be updated socially with the people in…

My 6-Year-Old Son Needs Your Help

This is my son Aadarsh. Aadi is our youngest son. He is 6 years old MashaAllah, and this my son’s story. Aadi was a premature baby, born on 28th week and he was born with a low birth weight which was 1.5 kg. Delayed milestones,…

The Riddle of Hypnosis

Trance with the stranger: unlocking the secret of deepest part of one’s mind. It has been said that one of the great medical question of the 20th century – what happens under hypnosis –can be answered in 3 words . “We don't know .”…