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On Pakistan’s Brain Drain Issue

Brain drain means the emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country.

The positive effects of emigration are sometimes referred to as brain gain and the negative effects of emigration are referred to as brain drain.

Most of the time people emigrate in or order to attain better opportunities. Positive effects of emigration can be attained when people emigrate in order to gain or enhance their knowledge and skills and then they provide their services in their home country.

When highly qualified and skilled people emigrate to other countries to get better opportunities and better return for their skills and services this causes negative effects on a country because a country would lose a highly qualified and a skilled person.

There are three types of emigration, these are: developed to developed countries, developing to developing countries and developing to developed countries.

Firstly, sometimes people emigrate from developed to developed countries, people of developed countries are more qualified and skillful because they have many facilities and opportunities to gain knowledge and skills.

They might emigrate to other developed countries to improve their status because they could demand the desired return for their skills.

Secondly, emigration from developing to developing countries, as we all know that developing countries are economically and politically unstable, so these countries are going through several problems.

The income of people in developing countries is very low and they have very few facilities. People might emigrate to other developing countries due to political instability in their own country.

Thirdly, emigration from developing to developed countries, most of the people emigrate from developing countries to developed countries because developed countries offer better employment opportunities to people.

They guarantee security and justice for people. Strong currencies of developed countries also attract people.

Developed countries attract skilled human resources and investors from less developed countries. Emigrants see better future for their offspring in developed countries.

Persons of different religions living in less developed countries prefer migrating to developed countries of their religions since they feel more secure there.

Ordinary citizens of less developed countries which are affected by war also prefer to migrate to developed countries since they see their safety there. In some cases, people of less developed countries move to developed countries to join their family members there.

These are few reasons due to which people of developing countries emigrate to developed countries.

Our country is also facing brain drain and now it is becoming the trend in our country.

Most of the people specially youth of our country after completing their education move to the developed countries like Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, America etc. for better employment opportunities.

They serve their whole energy and skills to the other developed countries. Strong currencies of developed countries also attract the youth of our country.

Youth is an asset of our country.

Development, progress and success of our country is dependent on the youth of our country, if the youth of our country will serve other countries the development and progress of our country is not possible and it only becomes a dream.

Government of our country should provide facilities and opportunities to the people of the country so they should feel motivated to serve their own country. The authorities should take steps to reduce unemployment and should offer better employment opportunities.


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