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Is war with India imminent?

Narendra Modi who was ‘mistakenly’ labeled as the “most stupid prime minister in the world” by google, though they say they are working on their algorithms and are sorry for any misunderstanding, but to a neutral eye that was fascinating and very true. I went through a talk show video, probably BBC, in which the anchor asked if the allegations on him about the Gujrat incident and the Babari Masjid were true? Narendra Modi was so puzzled that he asked for a glass of water immediately and then said something in gulabi English which no one could understand. But he was using his hands along with the tongue to convey the message. As if he was asking the anchor to go easy on him. How can someone who is innocent can take a mass murder allegation?

It is no secret that Modi had a hand in Gujrat and Babari Masjid. It is clear that he has hatred for the muslims and is a much bigger terrorist than Dawood Ibrahim (if he is what India says he is)

Before the elections, majority of Modi’s election campaign was Anti-Pakistan. He was busy accusing Pakistan of harboring the terrorists, supporting terrorism activities in India and what not. It is clear that he doesn’t possess a great deal of love for Pakistan.

On the other hand there is Pakistani Chief Gen Raheel Sharif who belongs to a family of martyrs. He is the brother of Shabbir Shareef Shaheed (NH) and nephew of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti (NH). We have to say, bravery runs through the veins. He doesn’t possess much love for India either.

In recent times there had been quite a few number of heated activities in the border region with Pakistan inflicting surgical strikes on India targeting mainly the army personnel. Whereas India, as our media claims, doesn’t care if it hits the civilians.

The frequency of the heated activities are increasing with each passing day. With Kashmir still in the balance, both the countries run by the leaders who despise each other and now these border activities, the recap of 65′ might just happen.

During the 65′ war, it was Pakistan who initiated small skirmishes in Kashmir region in hope to cut the Indian Army off from the region. It gave India a reason to cross the international border and declare war on 6th September. India was almost there in capturing Lahore but Pakistan reacted strongly and gave India a response they hadn’t anticipated. It was Victory for both sides as India safeguarded Kashmir and us Lahore and Sialkot.

It is clear from the numerical strength of both the armies that Pakistan won’t be the one to cross the international border. But when will India take the step? I hope that day never comes as it will be much more devastating than the 65′ with both countries advancing significantly in the tachnology and weaponry. But, with Narendar Modi as the Prime Minister of India, the war might just be imminent.

India has been searching for the reasons and Pakistan is ready to respond to whatever India imposes.

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