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Saif Ali Khan’s war cry gone bad: The faded Phantom

Overhyped flick, Phantom, based on the novel “Mumbai Avengers” authored by Hussain Zaidi, giving a certain outward expression of aftermath of the 26/11 Mumbai havoc and malafide intent behind it, has been released on August 28 after all.

Trailer of Kabir Khan’s Phantom has already made his movie talk of the town prior to its release in which Hafiz Saeed has been shown saying: “What have they achieved after Mumbai attack?” followed by a threat uttered by Saif Ali Khan:“We will kill them entering their houses” created a lot of waves and buzz everywhere

Badly shaken by the three day terror rampage, India’s economic zone and home of Bollywood left 166 people dead and soon after this tragic massacre, India started blaming Pakistan for supporting terrorism against India as usual as India has been lashing out at Pakistan for 1993 Bombay Bombings and all other terrorist invasions taken place in India, including December 2001 Indian Parliament carnage, 2007 Samjhota Express tragic incident, Malegaon blast and 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.


The Mumbai carnage that the Indians try to implicate Hafiz Saeed in, possesses a myriad of ambiguities; even, India, so far has completely failed to produce any striking and unequivocal evidence regarding Hafiz Saeed’s involvement and the biggest ambiguity is the murder of officer Hemant Karkare AC, who was the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad, was brutally murdered in 2009 and now currently Indian officials spilled the beans by revealing that all the attacks were carried out by Hindu terrorist groups backed by Indian military intelligence. Whereas, on the other hand,India has been blaming Pakistan for aiding and abetting armed uprising in occupied Kashmir and struggling hard to get Pakistan declared as a terrorist state and ISI as a rogue outfit.That is no less than “Khuwab hai Deenwane ka”, a dream of a lunatic. Let alone defaming or defeating Pakistan, flag of Pakistan is waving in Kashmir as well, where the Indian army of occupation over 6 decades could not suppress the sentiments and struggle of Kashmiri Muslims.


Under the subject of the world terrorism, spreading filthy propaganda against Pakistan through such cheap, shoddy productions by India is not a new experience for Pakistani leaders and Pakistani nation, if observed closely, there is an endless list of Indian cheap movies in which almost all negative characters bear Muslim’s names except a few. Movies about attacking and killing Pakistanis regardless of what religion or community they belong have no place in this country and are strongly condemned.


Do anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam movies no to incite Indians to invade Pakistan when their stars ask for surgical strikes inside Pakistan? Do these types of flicks deescalate the tension between two nuclear power states or add fuel to the fire?Why India is tensed up over Pak-China economic corridor?Why Pakistani officials were not allowed to talk to the so called Ajmal Kasab for investigation? So it proves that it was a totally one sided drama. This movie is directed to simply stir up hatred amongst Hindus against Muslims under the wicked leadership of Modi. Another very simple question rises here, why anything like this was not made before? Why it is being made now, under Modi’spower? What about those criminals who were found involved in bombing of Samjhota Express? Why are they not making a movie of torching thousands of Muslims in Gujrat by Hindus under the supervision and patronage of Modi? Moreover, the Indian hand behind bloodbath in Pakistan is well established. India funded and orchestrated militant groups as well as has been sponsoring Taliban to carry out attacks in Pakistan.



In short! These movies carry a bad image of Pakistan and if we let them go unnoticed in Pakistan, it means we ourselves are promoting their nefarious designs and agendas, besides, one can easily guess the negative impact of Indian movies upon its forces as a result of current unprovoked firing across line of control which is another striking phenomenon, again killing a number of innocent women and children despite summoning of Indian Deputy High Commissioner 6 times.

So, the movies full of venom and repugnance in any form must be banned for good from both sides as displaying naked aggression simply stimulates intense national chauvinism even hysterical nationalist enthusiasm amongst the masses providing an opportunity to Hindu extremists and hate-mongers like the Shiv Sena, Bajrang Daland other right wing elements to incite Indians against the Pakistan and the people of Pakistan.

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