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Protecting women or grounding them?

We don’t discriminate, we respect women. We protect her, save her, love her, care for her and it is our responsibility to keep her guarded-a typical man of this century!

They do all the stuff just because they want women to be safe. But who is asking them to keep her safe, is that what a women wants? Why does she need a man to protect her, when God has given her 2 legs, 2 hands and the same brain to her that He has given to men. When God really wanted man to keep women safe, He should have given a reason to be superior but did He? I guess not!

Than who started this norm? Why should a girl need a guy to protect her? Why can they not go anywhere without a man, is a question that I ask myself at times Since childhood we are taught the importance of fathers and brothers, collectively a male being in the house. But as far as I know robbery, rape, murder, sexual abuse and all the crimes ever reported never supplemented the reason of crime with a male member absence. Have you ever heard that she got rape just because she was alone? I am sure you have! People get mugged all the time with family as well as without family. Hilariously our supermen are also being robbed, sexually assaulted and murdered! But our society will never take these facts into account. A woman is assaulted because she was alone, a man gets assaulted because conditions in Pakistan are not good! Sigh!

Hypocrisy to its peak is what this matter summarizes. Our society has protected women so much now, that she is safe and far away from her dreams, her independence and her originality. She is safe in the dungeons of your limited mentality, she is rescued from the contemporary world and she still maintains a distance with education. She is so damn protected that she doesn’t know a world exists outside her world. She is supposed to be answerable, she takes permissions, and she has to! Most of the women don’t even fight for their rights as for them their right doesn’t exist.

Being conditioned since childhood it is unreasonable to expect them to come out. We do campaigns; we have our NGO’s that whine and scream that they cannot help someone who don’t want to help themselves. Really! Problem is not with them, it is with us. We try to mould a grown up plant without realizing that its route are strong enough. Still we don’t lay the foundation of enlighten women; our female children go through the same trauma over and over again.

We should and we must do something about it.  Strong women will lay the foundation of an independent generation. Realizing the need and coming up with a solution is vital for success of this nation as a whole.

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