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A message to all Pakistanis: stop being critics of everything!

Unlike most countries where hard work is appreciated and talent is harbored, Pakistan is one such exception. As Pakistanis, we are fond of bashing people who represent Pakistan internationally, be it Malala Yousafzai, any reputed individual or politician. You would probably have a wide smile on your face right now and that is what needs to change. It’s sad that even a valued opinion is not accepted unless it undergoes constructive scrutiny. The crap keeps flying and it never seems to end.

I have finally learned why there is a huge brain drain crisis in Pakistan where educated scholars, students and aspiring individuals give up on Pakistan and settle in a foreign country. I guess the answer is pretty simple. Maybe they think that their opinion would be given more importance in the western world unlike Pakistan. And the criticism is not restricted to people alone, but also to one’s actions; take for instance the metro bus project. Although not as convenient as other contemporary problems Pakistan continues to face, this bus project resolved the transportation problem for many localities. After its success, only a handful of individuals dared to object to the project but prior to it being developed, shit hit the roof! I am not saying that one shouldn’t have an opinion, but opposing every element of positivism is something I condemn as a Pakistani.

Humans by nature are enigmatic beings who tend to commit mishaps every now and then. We neither respect the citizens of this nation nor their opinions. Instead, we shove our dogmas down their throats. Is that how respect is earned? Apart from all the negative stereotyping and clichés that our society has created, I believe that our people need a direction; an approach that would help them to further groom their character. Perhaps some international exposure would help in this regard.

All things considered, I know that many trolls out there would probably be making fun of this very piece as they are not willing to learn anything from it. But for those who understand the core of this message can bring about a gradual change by valuing others opinion and respecting people who continue to support Pakistan, despite them being put down by their own people.

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