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Hope in Europe– the refugee crisis

Europe was built on the sacred principles of secularism and human dignity. The nations in Europe have always been extremely vocal on the issues pertaining to human rights, especially in the third world. Their sensitivity toward human sufferings and their displeasure over prevalent tyranny in many parts of the world have made their lands the ideal place for the courageous and outspoken individuals to find asylum and a ground to continue their contributions in their efforts to change the course of public policy back home. After Second World War, Europe has remained the most active advocate of pacifism, democracy and progression. So it continued to lure individuals who were oppressed, ridiculed and persecuted for seeking equal opportunities and promoting liberal values.

After decades of suppression and dictatorial rules, the people of Middle East and North Africa rose one spring against their despot rulers, be they the military men Gadhafi and Mubarak, dynastic oppressor Assad, the bigoted Maliki or others of the same league, they feared none and took up to the streets defying their evil rule and authoritarian law in the hope of a better and just society where their kids can exercise their innate right of self-determination and could breathe free air. Unfortunately, the spring brought no color but of blood, no smell but of dead bodies. They waited seasons, they got no rain but chemical bombs falling on their homes killing their beloved family members. The moment of celebration never arrived, they grew accustomed to mourning more and more losses. Each dawn brought darker night and their houses were soon possessed by the brutal ghosts who claimed to establish a state in the name of Islam, but without any traces of it, whatsoever. Ibn Arabi, Rumi, Jami, et al., they all cried in their graves. The courageous people of Syria, Iraq and Libya were forced to flee their homeland and find refuge elsewhere. They found no ground beyond Libya, but Mediterranean. They had the hope, that across this ruthless sea, there is a land whose inhabitants hold human values dear to their heart. They were assured of all the help by Europe during their struggle against their evil rulers. So the courageous people once again shown courage and put the lives of their beloved family members at the disposal of perilous sea and their weak and helpless boats. Their hope was indeed strong, other than why would someone endanger his kid who was as adorable as Aylan Kurdi was and as innocent as his soul is, and take this difficult journey toward Europe.


The humanity started to sink in the Mediterranean. Those who had previously dared against the worst tyrants of all time amidst of all the ordeals, now lost their battle against perilous ocean waves. Those who survived, their romance with Europe was soon to diminish, they were ridiculed, abused and snubbed, all over again. Their treatment reminded many of Auschwitz and its horrors. The Union who always advocated secular values saw the immigrants as Muslims and saw their coming as a threat to their Christian heritage. Some suggested that only Christians be allowed to take refuge and others be sent back to homelessness. Europe, with its post-war character, is being seen by many as the last frontier protecting human values, is now about to fall. While the Kings and Emirs of so-called Muslim world are busy spending vacations at French Beaches and their soldiers waging war to protect their oil fields, the only voice, defying the negative public opinion, came from within the Europe and was in the shape of Angela Merkel.  She warned that holding hostage to public opinion in matters of basic human values is criminal and undemocratic. It was then reciprocated graciously by France, Sweden, Austria and Italy, so the hope in Europe was somewhat restored.

It is imperative for the whole of Europe to follow the vision of Germans to avoid further human loss and devise a strategy that is both economically and politically viable. History has a lesson in this regard in the context of Europe, similar skepticism was expressed when Ugandans and Jewish refugees had come to United Kingdom. But soon they were integrated into the society and played an undeniably vital role in the development of their new home. Same can be the case for these Syrian refugees who are purely motivated by the vulnerabilities to their survival back home. Immigration mostly brings positive economic changes and an effective economic strategy can surely realize this potential. The current migrant crisis is not simply about some thousands of refugees, but the sacred values and humane principles of Europe that it cherishes are at stake, that it should not let get shattered at any cost.

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