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The suicide conundrum– Who was wrong?

1st September 2015, Tuesday, a news went viral that 2 kids, a boy and a girl around the age of 14-15 years, killed themselves because their parents didn’t want them to get married to each other. Before we start off with the blame game, let’s look at what happened in detail and evaluate.

Firstly, the boy had a pistol and he was in the school. Have we not learned anything from the APS massacre? The boy had a gun in school, if the boy had any other plans he could have easily killed other children. Is the security of our educational institutions such weak that a normal school boy can bring a PISTOL to school? Moreover how come the parents dint know he had a pistol or how did they got pistol in their hands?

Moving on, they were 9th grade students aged around 14-15 years. I, as a student of A-levels, still thinks that it will be early for me to get married now even if I am above 18. Why? Because I believe that a child at least must complete his/her graduate degree program before anything else. They must think of their future. Didn’t anyone advise these kids that it was better to wait for the right age and time to marry?


What troubles me a lot is the fact that what was the school management doing all this time? I think teachers also have a big responsibility in helping groom their students. The children’s act was so childish as if teachers weren’t there to tell them what was right and what was wrong. I am sure teachers would have some idea if these two kids had something going on. And okay, let’s suppose the teachers didn’t know what was going on but what about their friends? Why were they quiet? Why didn’t they tell anyone that these two kids were planning on committing suicide, if they had an idea? And most of all why didn’t they tell this to any teachers?


Many say that it is the media that gave them the courage to commit such an act and to be honest we are also responsible for what the media is showing. If we watch shows that promote any such thing like suicide or any virgule, the media thinks you want to see more and hence it adds more “masala”. And if we stop watching such type of news, stories etc then they will stop showing us these sort of things in return.

And now the parents. Are they really to be blamed? Well I will give this answer in the end but apart from this, many other questions arise. Firstly, did the parents not know about this at all or were they trying to ignore this behavior from their kids? If they did know, why didn’t they talked about it?

Social media is actively indulging in the blame game, as to who is the one to be blamed. I believe that it is everyone’s fault in their own perspective from the school, to parents, to teachers, to their friends, to us as a society, to media and to themselves.

Anyone could have stopped it but no one did.

Maybe now we lost only two but we have to council kids so that we don’t see more of them succumb to such unfortunate incidents in the future.

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