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Moving on from the current political turmoil

The recent verdicts passed by the Election Tribunal raises some valid key points, both by the opposition as well as the government. On the one hand, not only does the opposition’s claims of rigging or more precisely irregularities in several halqas bear significance, but the fact that just a couple of weeks ago, the Judicial Commission deemed the general elections of 2013 completely fair and honest, contradict the former. Similarly for the government, the claims of it not being a ‘sochi samjhi saazish’ as alleged by PTI and it’s Khan, reinforce their standpoint of any irregularities not being their fault.

Imran Khan

While Khan busies himself in celebrating what he calls ‘Haq ki hat-trick’ and the government in refuting any claims of rigging that comes their way, the people of the nation lose once again, for political victories have indeed been achieved, on part of both lobbies, but will these decisions stand firm for the reforms that are a grave need of the society, lay still in doubt.

Imran Khan

Mistakes, promises and reassurances have been made on both sides, and while bias does indeed skyrocket in these times, each one of us must look for the greater good, instead of confining ourselves amid blankets and boundaries of organisations or leftist/rightist approaches, for this is a national matter, in need of prompt attendance and if the people do not rise upto the situation, just like numerous times before, the leaders of the state will wash it along for their political gains.

When Khan first set out for the dharna mid August last year, his greatest objective was the demand of electoral reforms that would alienate all forms of ‘dhandli’ imminent in our systems, but possibly due to terrible companions, pathetic advisors and the high tide of support he was enjoying as the days passed, the actual goals were sidelined and it became just another blur of a memory. When finally the Judicial Commission was formed, it was believed that once irregularities or rigging was proved, reforms would follow henceforth, but to everyone’s dismay, the commission came up with an incredibly unexpected result, at least on part of the general public and the media personnel.

Imran Khan

For Khan and the government, they must know that eventually there will come an individual who will work for these demands if they refuse to do so, and if they overlook it as have been for the past couple of months in whims of political gimmicks, apart from the tsunami force there may emerge yet another alternative in the political arena so before that happens and the reins shift, both sides must tilt their heads and rummage through their memories to get their priorities sorted.

Simultaneously vying for attention, I urge each one of you to come forth and call for electoral reforms, for an efficient polling system with biometrics involved, so neither PTI nor PMLN or PPP, or in that matter any political party with a dash of influence can determine the results, because at the end of the day, whoever may win on the specified days, the real victor will be the one who eventually proves a champion for democracy in Pakistan.


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