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Setting Pakistan on the right track

We should never compromise nor surrender.

The future danger facing Pakistan is inner rot. It springs up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.

The growing trend of lawlessness and mob rule is worrying. The aggressive energy once turned outward is now turning in on itself.


The basic problem confronting Pakistan today is not an absence of democracy but an absence of governance. This is a cancer that is eating away the lives of people, putting citizens’ lives and livelihood at risk and plunging us into chaos and perhaps bankruptcy.

The Pakistani leadership is facing tremendous challenges – the bubble economy, adjusting to GST, fighting corruption,terrorism, racism and religious bigotry.

These Pakistanis which are at work can be attributed to none other than the government of the day. The leadership has to make the system work better than it currently does. And most urgent of all – it requires those with immense powers in our society to embrace their responsibilities , lead and set standards that are not only legal but moral.


The politicians must be reminded of the need for courage in defending time-honored concepts of what Pakistan is founded upon.

They must help to perpetuate the recollection of the integrity of Leader like Quaid-e-Azam, so that their examples serve as an inspiration to our future generation.

It can help to bring home to the impatient, corrupt and opinionated leaders that the world is scrutinising their departures from the established international standards.

Without this inner stuffing, democracy in Pakistan will become an empty shell not simply inadequate but potentially dangerous, bringing with it the erosion of liberty, the manipulation of freedom and the decay of a common life.

I feel strongly that everyone of us, as a matter of public duty, must not only protest against any wrongdoing but do everything possible to change the trend towards acts of violence and material corruption that has now engulfed us.

I do not think the stage has been set for the destruction of the concept that man is a free agent who must submit unquestionably only to the will of God and no one else.

Let’s do what’s right for future generations.

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