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Saad Aziz- a journey from dawn to dusk

Education is not all about collecting degrees from a prestigious institutes instead it is to steer your mind and create the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. There is a famous saying I’ve read somewhere that “Learning starts from the womb of the mother” and now scientific research has also proven this fact but in this era all such maxims are just worthless. All these learning and degrees have no importance when you come along with such an influential personality who has a strong ability to control your brain by washing it. These inspiring persons have their faces covered with a mask of angel beneath a filthy fiend. They have the ability to destroy anyone’s life no matter how strong he is both mentally and physically…. yes I am talking about the superficial terrorists!!!

The most recent culprit of the Safoora carnage is Saad Aziz…. A boy with so many identities from a bright student, footballer, tennis player, a boy with superb sense of humor, a true lover, an educated person, a dumped and heartbroken boyfriend, a husband, father, religious extremist and eventually a terrorist.  A lot of children in Pakistan dreamed of the life that Saad got as a gift from God but the dilemma is he quelled the lamp of his life with his very own hands and chose the dark lane. A child born in Karachi, got his early education till O levels from Beaconhouse Gulshan Iqbal branch, passed A level with excellent grades from The Lyceum Academy Clifton in 2007 and got admission in one of the most renowned and reputable business institutes of Pakistan, IBA. He completed his BBA in 2011 and started working in his own restaurant “Cactus” located at Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Society, Karachi. He also did an internship of one month at a multinational organization in 2009 as part of his degree. Like normal boys he also fell for his dream girl during studies but got ditched after which his inner aggression was roused and he had chosen the wrong path to omit his anger and hostility.

Saad Aziz

Saad Aziz

A person named Ali Rehman is eccentric in the whole story who escorted him, read his mind to connote him to attend lectures at Tanzeem e Islami, founded by Dr. Israr Ahmed(late) notorious for guiding youngsters and preaching Islam. According to a recent report of the joint interrogation team, Saad confessed that the crux of all the teachings was to ignite ferocity in youngsters. The lesson they deliver through lectures is… “In Pakistan root of all depraved activities is corruption and the only solution to this is violence”.  They convinced him to join a militant organization to get him fully prepared as an official terrorist. He went to Miramshah at North Waziristan head quarter near Pak-Afghan border and got fundamental training of 25 days. On his return the action started…. he has been involved in several terrorist activities. He had attacked police and Rangers forces for almost 12 times. He has been involved in attacks at different schools in Karachi. On 18th March he was involved in an attack on the beacon house school North Nazimbad branch and hurled the pamphlet of daish too. On 20th march he attacked Mosque of Bohri community… On 17th April he was involved in firing on the car of an American teacher of Jinnah dental college name “Debra Lobo”.  Sabeen Mehmood T2F director died on 25th April with her mother badly injured due to his intense firing at phase II extension DHA Lahore. On 13th May he was part of that group along with four others involved in attacking the ill-fated Ismaili bus belonging to the Agha Khan community where 45 people were killed.  All these brutal activities have been performed back to back with hardly a gap one month between one and the next.

Saad Aziz

Now the question is why did he become so violent? Does failure in love leave such an impact even on a highly educated person? Where were his friends and family when he was being brainwashed?

Saad Aziz

One of Saad’s closest friends revealed that he had become religiously inclined after attending Islamic lectures at IBA Iqra Society, he had grown a beard too and went to four-month long religious evangelical trips. It is totally inconceivable for his friends that he can be a part of brutality and mass murders. Even one employee from Cactus denied his involvement in terrorist activities and said regarding him that he belonged to a humble disposition. His friends also divulged into details that Saad was a married man with a child and the whole story started after his friendship with Haafiz Nasir alias Yasir. Haafiz Nasir is also an educated person with masters in Islamic Studies from Karachi University. He is a trained terrorist and was instrumental in brainwashing Saad’s mind. Terrorism has penetrated the roots of Islam and it is a very serious issue to ponder upon.

Saad is not the only person from a good family with an educated background to get involved in such type of acts. According to the counter terrorism department, a huge number of highly educated youngsters turn into terrorists have been involved in different activities from Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping to the 9/11 act. Another terrorist involved in the Safoora carnage was Mohammad Azfar Ishrat alias Maajid, an engineer who graduated from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and also an expert of electronic timer bombs.

I don’t know where our society is heading but I must advise all  parents that it’s time for a rude awakening to keep a strong check on your children, their friends and social circle no matter what their age is,. We must guide them to get education first and become a responsible, sensible citizen instead of just collecting degrees. Especially for religious education always investigate the religious scholars, their backgrounds, activities and links before handing over your child to them!

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