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The 2015 Ford Expedition EcoBoost – Fast, Efficient & Spacious

Let’s admit it, that internet has changed our lives. I don’t have to dig into the never ending details that how much it has helped us, albeit the fact that it got us too proactive and at the same time impatient as well. Gone are the days of that buzzing tone of the dial-up modem when we were to log on information super-highway. Today, its discreet fast and efficient.

I would like to keep myself a few minutes hovering here in the stratosphere of the internet world, which is also swaying the dynamics of our lives quite rapidly. For instance “Cloud Computing”, a buzzword of yesterday and now we are done and over to the next. Today, we are looking into the next big revolution on the horizon and that is the “Internet of Things” IoT. How is it going to impact upon us is not going to be revolutionary but simply an evolution as today we already are loaded with unknowingly social media accessible devices in our palms.

How does it relate to our automotive world? We’ve already gone past the medieval internal combustion engines. Though the newly adopted, the present day hybrid and electric drive system already superseded the internal combustion engines, however, with the advancement in engineering and technology the new generation of internal combustion engines are augmented with forced induction.  Or it was commonly referred to as turbo charging. It’s true that having a turbo in a car means you’re talking about Tears for Fears, or rather 80’s.


Today in Ford’s parlance the buzzword is “EcoBoost” and that means not one turbo but actually twin-turbo. How is it going to transform into our lives? Put simply this way: more power, higher fuel economy and lower carbon emissions and reduced weight & mass of the engine itself. Combining all the positive performance characteristics Ford took a bold step rather revolutionary mindset changing step forward. Initially, 3.5 V6 EcoBoost was introduced in Taurus SHO sedan and then after much customer feedback it powered the Ford Explorer Sport. However, when Ford introduced its 3.5l V6 EcoBoost to power its bread and butter winner truck F-150.  Ford faced a lot of resistance from F-150 die hard customers to critics, but once they’ve driven the vehicle all sorts of skepticism was thrown out of the window.

Following the success of 3.5l V6 EcoBoost equipped Ford F-150, the newly developed mill found its way to perform duty in other Ford trucks and SUV. Here today, I finally have the newly launched 2015 Ford Expedition Limited with EcoBoost badge on the back.

Before I go ahead further ahead with my seat-of-the-pants experience, I would like to clarify that the 2015 Ford Expedition is a basically a refresh model of the Expedition (code name U324) introduced back in 2007. The 2015 Ford Expedition has gone through a leapfrog movement, that you may refer it to as a major-minor.

Always A Pleasant looker 7.5/ 10

I always found Ford Expedition had an appealing style. There’s hardly anything one can pinpoint and say “nay, that’s out of proportion”. Our tester, the new 2015 Expedition “limited” done in Bronze Fire Metallic, refreshed with front fascia the most. The headlights are now sleeker with standard HIDs and a new LED bar as daylight running light instead of round fog lamp. The tri-bar chrome grille completing the sleek appearance. The last bit of a design update found on the rear lift-gate, a full length chrome bar strip. A 20-inch polished aluminum wheels completes the exterior aesthetics.

Interior-wise, you can’t hide your awe. The available vastness that is comparable to the football pitch. And mind you, this is just the standard Expedition, there’s an EL (Extra-Long) version also available. Nevertheless, let’s return back to our tester which can accommodate 8 passengers in comfort. And that’s not enough, there’s still a space (similar to the size of a Ford Focus hatchback) available behind 3rd row to carry your cargo and grocery. Should you require more space after the shopping from Ikea? Than the flexible seat arrangements can provide a space large enough to carry a whole apartment.


The interior is also refreshed mainly the dashboard to accommodate the modern telematics. Hence, the center stack now houses the intuitive MyFord Touch – 8 inch screen that not only provides the vital driving stats and various other functions, but with voice activation you can control your mobile phone as well. Some access button available on the D-pad on the steering-wheel for more convenience. However, a glance across the large interior will make you realize of hit-and-miss situation: even though the dashboard is redesigned, Ford should’ve used this opportunity to upgrade the hard plastic all-around as it certainly marred the overall impact.

The perforated-leather, 10 way power adjustable driver seat with added feature of air-con cooling function provides a very soothing ride. Where the outside temperature was soaring 42°Celsius, I recommend this as a must-have feature, when you are spec’ing your car with the option list. This, now concludes all the minor mid-cycle updates that 2015 Expedition received.


Performance Over boost 8/10

Engine, suspension and brakes, generally covers the “performance and handling” section. And I am happy to report that there’s a monumental improvement in this section as therein lies the major update. Let’s begin with 3.5 V6 EcoBoost: It’s a replacement engine in place of 24-valve SOHC 5.4 L Triton V-8, which made meagre 310hp and 365 lb·ft of torque. This 3.5, 24-valve DOHC Ti-VCT Twin-Turbo EcoBoost V-6, pumping out a colossal 385hp and earth rolling 464 lb-ft of torque. When comparing these numbers for comparison then the country-mate Chevrolet Tahoe equipped with EcoTec3 5.3 V8 is good for 355hp and 383 lb-ft of torque, The Tahoe ballpark figures are trounced by GCC favorite, Toyota Land Cruiser’s 5.7 V8 delivers a 362hp. Only Nissan Patrol exceeds the 3.5 V6 EcoBoost as its hefty 5.6 V8 lump rated at punchy 400hp. However, interestingly all will trail behind Ford Expedition when it comes fuel economy.

In my seat-of-the-pants driving experience, the 3.5 V6 EcoBoost fared superbly considering the 3 tons plus weight of the Expedition. Though it never sounded even close to a growly V8, yet performance wise it emulates likewise. You can well imagine when you realize the all the 464 lb-ft torque available at low-end 2750 RPM, I was merrily pressing the accelerator, and a 0-60 dash comes in 6.5 secs. In big Expedition it’s quite exciting and joyful. Also, new is the 6-speed 6R80 SelectShift transmission that was smooth enough and quickly reaches the top gear for a fuel economy of 16/22 city & highway respectively, which Ford is proud of.

The other major that was added to the mix is the independent rear suspension for the first time. And once again, if you open the engine compartment you’ll be in for a surprise that this small size EcoBoost doesn’t only take a small space but is pushed way inside next to the firewall. Hence the weight distribution and the balance of the SUV is near 50/50. This automatically supports the all-round independent suspension, which in return provides excellent driving dynamics. From restraint body roll to the compliant ride over the bumps. One aspect that is important and again is a part of the major improvement is the newly installed (EPAS) Electric Power Assist Steering. The steering is a pleasure when you are parking in a tight spot as you can easily turn the steering-wheel lock to lock with only a finger. But once you start moving you will feel the disconnection. A trait which now common in most cars that are fitted with a similar electric assist power steering.

This Expedition Limited was fitted with standard Hankook Dynapro AT 275/55-20. Usually, most of the SUV comes standard with highway tires HT. Expedition having AT, All Terrain gives a serious impression of such exuberance. During the briefing with Ford’s Dubai public relation account manager, Mubarak informed that Expedition fared quite well in desert driving and he encouraged me to take the Expedition in the dunes. Honestly, desert driving is a challenge-able feat today for most so called SUV and this is something that most try not to bring up and encourage. Hence, I had my playful Lil’ time in the dunes, but rest of the while the tires aided best to the brakes on the road and bringing the fast moving Expedition to a confident halt.

Safety – 8.0/ 10

The Expedition is awarded with 5-star safety rating by NHTSA. In addition, 2015 Ford Expedition offers drivers comprehensive safety systems that include AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, Hill descent and Safety Canopy side-curtain airbags, SOS Post-Crash Alert System, tire pressure monitoring system and traction control. The other driver assist safety technologies includes radar-based Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert. Standard across the all trim level is a rearview camera, and front and rear parking sensors.

Buyers Guide To The Galaxy – 8.0/ 10

When we value the car, for us at RVM, it’s the intent purpose that matters. With the 2015 Expedition, Ford intended to bring back the Expedition nameplate that promises to provide performance with efficiency, space with economy and comfort with technologies to improve the driving experience for up to 8 passengers in comfort. I agree, EcoBoost is mentioned boringly for at least 11 times, including the last one, but it’s a delightful customer itself.

There is space available of 108.3 cubic feet behind the 2nd row which is almost equivalent to size of a Ford Focus. You can tow a horse carriage or boat upto 9200lbs. Even though the hard plastic feel is there to bear, the overall experience is quieter thanks to the acoustic glass coating and other improved sound deadening and NVH controlling materials.

Customers who are looking for a full size SUV that can accommodate up to 8 passengers, Ford Expedition is the way to go. What’s more you can start the fun factor for as low AED 155,000. Our tester Ford Expedition Limited with all the above mentioned goodies and the rest that is enough to make any writer tired-off cost at AED 220,000. It beats Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol in terms of price to price comparison. And lastly a royally equipped Platinum trim grade with continuous control damping suspension will land in your garage at AED 245,000. Above all, here in UAE Ford Expedition comes with a something most automaker find it hard to match and that is the unbeatable 3 years 60000 Km service package.

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