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Pakistan Ka Allah Hafiz

“PAKISTAN KA ALLAH HAFIZ”… was the end note …
It was 18th August 2008. Another chapter in the history of Pakistan was in the making. The people’s era was about to end. General Musharraf was in the news everywhere. There were rumours, gossips, whispers and talks everywhere across the country on the streets, alleys, restaurants, offices, shops etc…about the resignation of General Musharraf followed by the impeachment resolution in the Provincial assemblies of Pakistan. Finally, on 18th August 2008, the news of Musharraf’s resignation was flashing on the screens of the National and International Media!
It was a Victory day for the ‘Status-quo’. The throats that used to be never dry up while praising Pakistan Army & General Musharraf were now non-stop chanting the slogans of democracy! Everyone who enjoyed power sharing with ‘wardi walas’ were now pointing out errors that were the cause of the men in Khakis. This was the same General who first coined the term ‘Pakistan First’ and with this slogan and motto ruled Pakistan successfully for 8 years. His last speech as President of Pakistan reflected the true feelings of a patriot soldier, son of the soil, who did everything for the nation that no other governments in Pakistan did before. Here I will mention few extracts from his speech with captions that I once added when I first designed them and shared on my facebook profile.
Great sacrifices are given by great leaders only!

‘Pakistan First’!
“I believe in myself and I have faith in my God, Allah, that no charge sheet can stand against me. Not a single charge can be proved against me because I never did anything for myself. Whatever I did was for Pakistan first. That was my motto”.

This is what is known as ‘democracy’, ‘Decision’ in the hands of the people of Pakistan! … Despite serving them for 43 years!
“I leave my future in the hands of the people, to let them be the judges and let them do the justice”

“Pakistan is my love; now and always, my life is for Pakistan”

‘Pain’ for the nation
“I am going with the satisfaction that whatever I could do for this nation, for the people, I did it with honesty and integrity”

‘Heartfelt’ sorrowness
“Now I am satisfied, but at the same time I am sad and in pain as well that Pakistan is sliding downhill very quickly. This is my heartfelt sorrow, I am very sad”.

‘GOOD BYE’…’Pakistan ka ALLAH HI HAFIZ’!!!..
“Finally Good bye to Pakistan. God Protect Pakistan. God Protect you, Pakistan forever. Long live Pakistan!”

So this was one of the dark chapters in the history of Pakistan! It was truly people’s era as I said in the beginning as the vision ‘Pakistan First’ with which the General led this nation to new heights of progress and prosperity, the facts and figures of which are obvious as compared to later so-called ‘democratic eras; means development of State and Welfare of its people! His words ‘Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz’ proved to be so true and right later… but let us witness the hypocrisy of this nation, it votes for the most corrupt and then demands justice from the most fair…the Pakistan Army!

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