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Devoured by the sea

I was glowing on the blossom tree, dancing with the spring. Everything changed when you plucked me from there & brought me to your house. I was looking forward to a new adventure, yet so naïve to think that a plucker would provide me protection. You introduced me to the world of darkness, to a place of torment. I enjoyed your scourge imagining, it was your style of loving a blossom. I was a new person to your world; the only place I ever knew how to survive was the tree. I missed my home, friends and mostly ‘’My Smile”. I scuffled to adapt to your lifestyle, habits and “YOU”. Everything went into vain; instead all my beauty drained into the drainage. I became a dry floret, who was desperate to go back home. I cried for help and got promises from people that they would take me back home. I never reached home, as they left me in the middle of nowhere. I was lost, so I ran back into your arms. You were a sweet torture, but I got addicted to you. Deep down I always wanted freedom from you, yet I always failed. I clanged to you, like a child clangs to his mother. You threw me away at every chance you got, crushing me under your feet like I was nothing for you. I became from everybody to a no body. The last day when we were together in the room, where we first met you wanted to afflict me more, but I resisted. I don’t know how a tiny blossom like me got ability to fight against a beast like you. I am delighted that I am unshackled from your affliction. It will take time for me “Dear Plucker” to reach home, still I will find it back one day.

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