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Happy Birthday to the Commando!

It’s 11th August 2015. Today is the Birthday of The Commando, General Pervez Musharraf! This write-up is a little effort to highlight the key chapters from book.  Generally one can get a view of his detailed profile on the internet with a single click so the question is why then I am starting from page 1 to the last.


According to his mother, Zarin Musharraf,a graceful lady; the commando general has leadership qualities right from the beginning. He was close to his mother and was fond of sweets. In his memoir, one of the best books of all time,  In The Line Of Fire, he has mentioned in high terms about the moral values inculcated in him and his siblings by his parents. Her mother in one interview had said about these values:

“Always try to be truthful and never let power go to your head. Always be humble and modest about things”

Journey in Pakistan Army

Joining the army in 1964, the commando served in Pakistan Army for 43 years till 2007. The legendary Ghazi who fought two Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971 is awarded with Gallantry awards of Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Tamgha-e-Basalat for his bravery. Serving the army with valor and fidelity he rose to the highest ranks of being Chief of Army Staff (1998 to 2007) and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. He has excellent knowledge of War Strategies and about Geo-Political and Socio-Economic parameters and its impact both nationally and internationally.

Kargil Hero

The bravery of the Commando is even commended and applauded by the enemies. Only he can dare to cross the Indian territory 11 km inside and spend the night with his troops! The enemy admitted its mistake of negligence on their part. !

Vision for Pakistan

He is the first leader who gave the vision of ‘Pakistan First’ to a nation deeply divided on ethnic and sectarian lines. His vision is all about the development of Pakistan and welfare of its people. This means socio economic uplifting of its people by ensuring the security, progress and development of the State.

War against Terrorism

When he came to the helm of affairs in 1999, he took the right step against extremism in society which was the root cause of terrorism. He was the first who started war against terrorism despite strong opposition from his opponents and many of his supporters and may I also say, against the will of the nation as well! Because we have seen that the same lot who are now saying that this is our war after APS Peshawar Massacre of 140 plus kids had termed earlier this as foreign agenda imposed to westernize Pakistan!

Kashmir & Reply to Indian Aggression

This soldier of the motherland boldly defends his country against Indian aggression. According to him, the key dispute between Pakistan and India is resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the will of Kashmiri people and UN Resolutions. Since the start of Modi era in India, and border escalations which have been at rise, he has defended Pakistan incredibly like: “Pakistan is not Myanmar” & “We didn’t build nukes to fire on Shab-e-Baraat”! Also any in case of any India aggression in Pakistan, our response will be ‘Allah u Akbar’!

So a born leader, the commando general with his motto ‘Sab Sey Pehlay Pakistan’ has successfully run the state affairs for nearly a decade with his brilliant leadership skills and good governance that Pakistan was among N-11 countries, recording a sharp rise in its economy and a gradual decline in poverty. Development in all sectors from Agriculture and Farming to industrial boom, construction of dams to power generation, rise in literacy rate, infrastructure development, IT and telecommunication boom, upgrading of defence sector, empowerment of masses at grass root level and of women etc are few among many contributions that he did for this nation. With a Happy Birthday Note, I want to conclude the blog with his words that he said in ASPEN IDEAS FESTIVAL-2012:

Pakistan is a country which is self- sustainable. It has the potential, it has the resources to stand on its own feet. And this I say very confidently because of the 10 years that I’ve governed Pakistan. We are self-sufficient in water, in energy, in food, in natural resources; what more does a country want?”

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