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I chose to watch Bin Roye over Bajrangi Bhaijaan, in cinema

Momina Duraid’s production Bin Roye under the banner of HUM Films is set to cross the border on August 7 while excited fans of gorgeous Mahira Khan hold their breaths in India for the romantic movie. This is the first commercial film after WAAR to be screened outside Pakistan on such a huge scale. Pakistanis in the Middle East, United States, United Kingdom and Europe thronged to the cinemas to watch the evolution of a local film on a bigger platform. Fortunately, I was one of them.

Releasing on Eid, Bin Roye had a far stronger competitor in the Salman Khan starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan while not forgetting the fact that Sallu Bhai has a huge fan following in Pakistan as well. I had made up my mind while walking towards the VOX Cinema in Dubai, that my vote would be for Bin Roye and why should’t it be, my country had come up with such a colorful movie internationally and it was an honor for me.

There’s always a perception that overseas Pakistanis are very patriotic in their beliefs. Speaking with the bottom of my heart, it felt so good to see a large poster of Bin Roye having the charming Mahira Khan along with the elegant Humayun Saeed amidst posters of other films. Never had a Pakistani film got this much space in a place where Bollywood and Hollywood films rule the roost.

Actually BajrangiBhaijaan was getting spectacular reviews and I desired to watch it too, but my patriotic inner self pushed me towards Bin Roye. Much has been written about how the film’s storyline, its cast, production and so on worked day and night to make the film a success. I do agree that the film had a number of flaws specially in terms of editing, there must have been a lot of coverage of the shots but the timing of splitting the scenes had done injustice to the movie. There were also scenes that got too dragged, making the next shot quite monotonous.

The loving grandmother in the movie, the amiable Zeba Bakhtiar as mother with the classic Javed Shaikh as father, the captivating beauty of Armeena Rana Khan, the interesting love triangle in combination with few accidents made Bin Roye an appealing package not ignoring the much appreciated lead actors.

The Momina Duraid – Shahzad Kashmiri directorial flick had some outstanding music with the likes of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, Harshdeep Kaur and many others. The mehndi song Ballay Ballay has all elements of tabla, flute, dhol, guitar, shehnai in the background score composed by Shiraz Uppal. It would be totally brutal if I don’t mention the amazing dance Mahira Khan woos her audience, with the handsome Adeel Hussain performing some brilliant steps. It has been choreographed really well having all the ingredients of a typical shaadi song, colors do the trick. The Maula Maula song by AbidaParveen and Zeb Bangash had also added tremendous flavor to the movie; lovely music can’t be ignored.

Having convinced myself that I added my share in the success of Bin Roye by watching it on the big screen, I just had to plan for Salman Khan’s exciting movie. His regular belief of releasing a movie on Eid would do huge success has always proved true. This movie was indeed very meaningful having humble components of humanity and immense love by an Indian man towards an innocent, cute, lost Pakistani girl. It showed how compassionate people are across the border having no bitter feelings, but are true humanists. Director Kabir Khan did a superb job in portraying such optimistic aspects and attitude of Pakistanis and Indians.

It brought me to tears completely.  Yes, what splendid music it has. The qawwali as well as Pritam’s Zindagi song got me too emotional. I recommend my fellow Pakistanis to surely watch it. It preaches compassion and tender heartedness. And I watched it at home. *winks*

On a concluding note, both movies are a must watch. Each has its specific aroma with their own powerful compelling message. Pakistan’s film industry is slowly growing, which is a wonderful sign for film lovers. There’s a lot that the directors and the actors have yet to learn and depict in their work while the audience will always motivate and appreciate their hard work.

When the films go international,  it’s exciting for overseas Pakistanis to go and watch their country’s talent. Nevertheless, we have exceptionally beautiful people who along with their intelligent minds, will make us walk in cinemas with great pride.

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