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Gender bias and discrimination in Pakistani society

Discrimination is when the individual is not treated on merit but is given advantage over another. Gender discrimination is a social issue all over the world. In Pakistan, I believe it is a very common problem which leads to criminal activities.

Pakistan is a developing country. There is a lot of gender discrimination going on which needs to be looked upon. Girls are not treated fairly in their homes, schools and workplaces. They are discriminated at every step of their life .When a child is born the first question which the family asks is “Is it a girl or a boy”? If it is a boy, then the level of respect and love is so high for the mother but at the same time when a girl is born, the little angel is considered to be a burden for the family. Since childhood she is forced to accept the fact that her real house is her husband’s house .She spends half of her time in the kitchen cooking food for the family, cleaning dishes, whereas a boy is told to enjoy his life the way he wants to and do what so ever he feels like .There are no restrictions, no barriers , no instructions . In fact whatever a guy does becomes pride for the family while on the other hand if a girl stays out for a long time, it turns out to be a shameful for parents and family. This way the family is not only differentiating among the kids but also damaging their daughters’ confidence to move on in this society.

When we talk about the education system, it reflects the inequality found outside the classroom. Girls are not allowed to attend primary classes but boys are.  In some cases, where a decision has to be made about which children to send to school, it is commonly seen that parents decide to invest in their sons’ education rather than their daughters’ , because of the mindset that girls do not contribute in the home expenses .

Moreover even in workplaces, according to statistics. It is seen that women are paid very less as compared to men , since according to our judgmental society they are not capable of getting a higher pay despite the fact that they’re well educated. Often at times, women have to face sexual harassment in workplaces. This is a very common problem faced by almost every woman, where men try to take full advantage of them in whichever way possible. Women are treated as an object which can fulfill the sexual desires of men . They are not given importance in society.

These differences result in criminal activities. Parents believe that girls are a burden on them, therefore they should be killed or sold .Having a daughter means you are more likely to earn more for her education and dowry. She is not considered a blessing by God but a burden. Due to these differences, there is a high rate of girl trafficking, abortions and killing. Parents get rid of their daughters because they are not willing to give dowry. In some cases parents abort the child if they get to know that the baby in the womb is a girl. Many cases are reported where the girls are killed because parents cannot afford them and prefer investing on a boy rather than a girl .

It is sad to see such behavior in our society .Education plays a vital role in society and both the genders have a right to be educated and treated equally. One person can bring a small change in society .Therefore; we should do something against this social issue and take a step forward in bringing change. We need to make people aware of the fact that girls are of equal importance as boys. In Islam, having a daughter is considered to be a reward and the parents would be rewarded in the hereafter . Our society needs to understand the rights of girls and should start treating them the way they deserve to be treated.

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