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Democratic facade

With the release of the judicial commission report, a lot of very important questions have gone unanswered whilst simultaneously relieving a segment of the populace of the burden of pinning hopes on a certain constituted body. While in no way, the judicial commission has been rejected, by any party in this case, as a whole, there comes no definite, solid and effective output for the general society in Pakistan.

For Imran Khan, a grave lesson simpers in, the fact that baseless accusations, ‘syasi baatein’, pathetic language, terrible advisors and emotions do not win you any political battles. Rather, they force you into surrendering at possibly a point that could be exploited by opponents on any other day. In national matters, Sheikh Rasheed’s ‘qurbani ka baqra’ does not hold significance, what bears importance is what befits the nation.

In this case the need of the hour was not Khan’s egoistic war with the Prime Minister, but the issue of electoral reforms, not due to Khan’s demands but because it was what the nation required. No one has the guts to deny the fact that rigging took place, then why the hassle?

Irrespective of who it benefits, this commission should have impartially assorted its resources, maneuvering them in a manner that could, if by some chance not convict the criminals of the system, at least initiate a process that could materialize into such an offense never occurring again.

But when one party looks for political victory in its endeavors, it no longer remains for the people, despite being ‘by’ the people. And that is unfortunately what we witness today.

Now that it has surfaced, there remains no question of not accepting it, especially since it was so vigorously called for by all parties concerned, specially the latter, but the grace in this matter will define who’s side the paddle swings forth.

Both Imran Khan and his men must be itching and vying for media time as they struggle to pinpoint certain details that they feel were overlooked, while the government ministers in their ‘apparent’ manifested ‘win’ blithering any sly remarks or mockery they could fizzle through, without sounding like the spoilt, immature brat they’ve directed towards Khan on more than one occasion.

As the situation calms down, as always, apart from the extremely aligned 126 days of dharna, entertainment and road blockages, for a common citizen like me, this report bears no fruit, and sadly that is exactly what we were promised, would be eliminated. But alas, long live democracy and the façade it pulls, with its ‘for the people, by the people’ extremely catchy mantra.

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