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Beyond the concept of biased judgements

And above the law of right and wrong,

I’ve known a man for his epic deeds

In the land of the pure called Pakistan!


He’s a huge symbol of Humanitarianism

And a humble collector of charity

This legendary-status tells about

A citizen of humanity!


Running a non-profit organization

Of social welfare for six decades,

With century’s largest ambulance service

At emergencies, providing aid!


He owns two pairs of clothes and lives

In a small two-bedroom apartment, yet

From women shelters to rehab centers,

He helped providing the daily bread!


Under the name of his institution

Those mentally-ill and drug addicts

Recovering the wrath of clinical features

Sensed a life of good habits!


He’s not in the best of his health right now

His kidneys have failed; but manages to smile

At every next “Selfie-or-it-didn’t-happen” moment

These cultural embarrassments, he compiles!


The Sun rises in the east; alas we Muslims

Always seek wisdom by looking to the west,

The purpose of life is a life of purpose

In the land of the pure, he lives for the best!


Sir. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite,

All in the name of “Nobel Peace Prize”

Rising prizes being guardian to the needy

The name is enough: Abdul Sattar Edhi!

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