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The Bakra syndrome!

UFFFFF! There is, at least, one person I know for a fact who suffers from this, and does so without fail, every year around this time of the Muslim calendar.

It is for sure, non other than my 12 year old son Mustafa, who contracts the bakra, gai, oont, bail, ox, bull, dumnba fever come Baqra Eid.

He is obsessed with these animals and want to buy a herd of them much to my despair! He forgets his food, sleep, school and games – all that matters is getting a bakra or two to “play” with and strut about the street and endless visits to different spots where the rich and famous have displayed in full glory a bevy of sacrificial animals.
Every year, for the past few years, Aqeel Dehdi of the Karachi Stock Exchange fame or rather shame, has taken the lead in Defence, in displaying his gaudy and gross wealth by hoisting a massive tent on an empty plot of land on main Hafiz in phase 5.

People, or should I say harassed parents in tow of their children flock the site at all hours. Of course, there had to be another contender for the “largest” animal holder, so Lo! and behold! we have Mr. Tiger Memon, new entrant to the foray this year, who has erected his own personal tent and has upped the ante by bringing in “junglee” cows! all with hair sprouting over their massive bodies and a deathly look in their eyes!

Mustafa is going crazy, between the two arenas, one trip to Aqeel Dhedi is soon to be followed up by a drive to Tiger Memons’ and this in between trips to Punjab Chowrangee to buy his own bakras! The actual purchase is still to be made and I am told that if it is not done on the double tomorrow he will boycott “qurbani” and will never in his LIFE buy a bakra!

What can a cow do?

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