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The Anatomy of a Commission Report


What will be the impact of this dashy Judicial Commission report on Pak politics? Will PTI maintain its strength in Pak politics? Will dwindle or gain? Or will it raise Imran’s popularity? Similarly what this report can impact on PMLN and its politics? What’s the catch?


Look! It has a positive as well as a negative impact. First every sane mind was aware of what the verdict of this JC will be, ultimately, but is there any sane mind in PTI? Yes they’ve and all of them were aware of it too except Imran Khan [not saying he is insane]. But here are some things for our bewilderment. The positive impact of this report will be that after it no politician [pardon me] will listen to any serving/retired General or their touts. Many believe Imran trapped in this snare unconsciously ‘avaein’, because he was being told that Nawaz government is near to fall and Imran took it as an advantage by demonstrating on streets. When his sit-in didn’t attain to desired level he was actually in need to desuetude cleanly and he steered it to Commission which was his political blunder.


Negative impact will be laceration within PTI barracks but Imran will maintain his popularity, main billow will be against Jahangir Tareen because many believe he pushed Imran onto this path.


The verdict downplays Baluchistan and the sentiment of rigging from Baloch national’s which will restrain the national parties from mainstream, who wants to be a part of mainstream politics but it’ll now only discourage. There were several arguments from Akhtar Mengal’s lawyer but one was ‘if elections were on 11th May then why they it’s result was declared after a couple of weeks’? But there is no answer for this very important complaint. Doesn’t it true that some FC personnel’s were presiding officers in some constituencies of Baluchistan?


The Commission used the word of ‘shortcomings’ which actually are ‘irregularities’, as during JC’s proceedings there were many proofs of rigging in Punjab, KP, Sindh, FATA and Baluchistan being presented before the venerable Judges. Those were no proofs of ‘shortcomings’ but were of ‘irregularities’. Laki Marwat constituency clip not only made the whole audience laugh but also Imran Khan too when CJ Nasir was being told the winner of this constituency belongs to PTI. Yes the verdict murmurs on such nudges but also gave a carte blanche to government/rigging in conclusion of the report. I smile when they say there is no contradiction in JC report.


There is something , yes, this is not over yet. Imran Khan had some proofs and Hafiz Pirzada stand him off from its promulgation in JC hearings. But let me remind you Imran is Imran, today or morrow he’ll disclose it but this time not in Judiciary/Commission, whatever the catch may be. Strange is this that Nawaz Sharif had many proofs of rigging but he didn’t speak in JC, surely because he believes rigging was against him.



It looks now Imran Khan is under pressure and many are criticizing him but ultimately PMLN will be the loser.



When Iftikhar Chaowdhry was being appointed as Chief Justice of Pakistan, establishment’s biggest concern then was ‘how to remain him tractable for eight years’? ‘How can we manage a man who got eight years’? Replace Iftikhar with Imran, for another next five years, are you crazy, how will they tolerate him for the next five years? Who are they? I’m not a politician but many here say protect your life.


It looks now Imran Khan is under pressure and many are criticizing him but ultimately PMLN will be the loser. But how?


Imran said in a TV talk show that I’ve some proofs of MI’s Brigadier’s involvement but will disclose his name later. Anybody knows his name? Also Nawaz Sharif claimed in a TV show before general elections that a General is pressurizing and threatening his candidate and asking her to go as an independent candidate in elections. Yes she is Raheela Magsi who eventually loses in general elections being on the PMLN ticket. She is a Senator now. Ask her who was behind threats, and you’ll know who rigged the elections. And also you’ll be revealed why Imran didn’t claim their names.


There was a plan for four different governments in four provinces and they succeeded but Nawaz Sahrif managed to maneuver by gripping federal government and being appointed as Prime Minister was not the part of the plan. And there is a point that the grand planners plans are weakening by time. Some are happy on this development.


At this time this political government looks victorious but you’ll see what comes after some days. They’re their own enemy. He’ll make a rod for his own back. You’ll see it and would not even be able to think ‘kaisay’? Say it broader reality of PMLN.


Many in PTI were against the decision of Hafiz Pirzada’s appointment as head of legal team, they believed he is a constitutional lawyer and in this case a criminal lawyer should be appointed. Imran Khan was thinking to speak on 35 punctures allegations but Pirzada advised him not to do so as it will impact negatively. Now the Commission report is promulgated, Naeem-ul-Haq will start writing, may be a book, on 35 punctures myth. Put in like ‘35 punctures story is still alive it’s not dead yet’. This story will not drown.


The only reason that Imran’s popularity graph will not be dwindled is the nation’s deprivation of the third option or alternative. Now it’s time for him to improvise his own politics.


Stand them off from this democratic process.


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