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Shaitaan is Out!

He is out, he is free, he is after you. Things that you did not do in the holy month he is there to take you for it now. He comes in different forms, may be he is inside you or may be in your best friend’s form or elsewhere but not far from you. Beware! Lust and pleasure are the words dear to him and he works utmost to attract people’s attention towards it. The more wrong doings, the more attractive he will make up for you. All he wants is to take us away from the right path. Beware!

Time for worship, prayers, fasting, restrictions is over, he is out. Time for religious shows and discussions are over, he is out. Movies, music, dance shows are in. New movies have been released on Eid. Party in on as Ramazan is over, he is out. Is this what you have been forced to think?

Things we have been trained for all Ramazan are put to test straight away. How vulnerable are we? How strong can we stay? What do we really want? Which path are we choosing to walk on? All questions start knocking our heads before we fall prey to evil. Back in the hands of the evil who rules our minds and thoughts to keep us away from remembrance of Almighty.

After such a blessed routine in Ramazan, performing prayers five times a day as well as fasting all day, we start skipping Fajr prayer on Eid days due to late night partying and gossiping with friends and family. Gradually, we leave all five with the passage of time.

All we need to do is stay focused, be steadfast in prayers and keep in mind the reason of our being and that one day we have to leave this world. Remembrance of the Almighty can not be left at any cost. Let’s commit ourselves to fight evil in all its forms till death.

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