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What happens inside the Secretariat?

One pleasant evening
I asked my father
Over a cup-of-tea debate
“If I may be so bold to ask,
What happens in the Secretariat?”

My father said, “Dear son, it’s a place,
Where secrecy is maintained.”
What kind of people work there?
I furthered questions lame.

“Son, they’re called, Secretariat Officials;
Their big talks akin to misfired missiles”
“Father, Tell me about this place;
There’s more to it in many ways…”

“Here Secretaries of all departments
Implement the laws…
These laws are passed by the assembly
For a greater hidden cause!
Most of them are promotees,
They’re socio-economic philosophers
However, the Chief Secretary
Is the Chief Executive Officer!
Under him the rest of the Secretaries
Work as subordinates…
Do you know what is Red-Tapism?”
“Tell me more, I cannot wait!”

“Inside the Secretariat
When a person gets curious
He takes the initiative
Before somebody else is furious,
Thinking, which came first?
The chicken or the egg?
The only thought that comes to mind
Is a breast piece or a leg!
So the applicant submits
A lengthy application
To the Secretary of concerned department,
Mouthing conversation!”

Me: Then?
Father: Then what?

“He marks it to the Additional Secretary
Who forwards it to the Deputy Secretary
He points it out to the Section Officer
Who asks for help from the Assistant Officer
The Assistant asks the Senior Clerk
Who will ask the Junior Clerk!
The same application travels back
From Junior Clerk to Senior Clerk
From Assistant then to the Section Officer
From Section Officer to the Additional Secretary
From Additional secretary to the Deputy Secretary
From Deputy Secretary to…” Let me guess,
None other than Chief Secretary?
“Only If it’s an important case
Else there time won’t go to waste!
A Joint Secretary Officer
Or Assistant Secretary Officer
Is there to look into the matter,
Even if it doesn’t matter!”

Me: And this is it? Are we done?
Father: “This is called red-tapism son!”

“What creates the tension…
Is the million-dollar question
Inside the application.
From Gulnawaz to Shahnawaz
From Taj Khan to Gohar Zaman
From Lodhi Sahab to Hoti Sahab
From Parachas to Peerzadas
Everybody is scratching head…
Welcome to the living dead!”

“I think first came a chapatti,
Then came chicken and a dozen eggs”
“That’s it son! Now you know well…
It’s just a thought-confining cell!”

That’s how secrecy is maintained
In heavy meetings with none to blame
That’s all there is to know of late
What happens inside the secretariat!

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