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Talks for a peaceful, prosperous Afghanistan

Pakistan hosts Afghan government and the Taliban in Islamabad to hold peace talks. Pakistan is on the right track, yet again proves to be sincere in bringing peace and stability in neighboring Afghanistan, brushing aside all the rumors that the prospect of both countries fostering brotherly relations, in the wake of the Afghan Parliament attack, was improbable.

Defying all the rumors Pakistan brought both the parties to the table in Islamabad for dialogue. The  first step that was believed to be the most difficult has been taken, paving the way to further constructive engagements in future to resolve complex issues and Pakistan is fully committed to keep the process moving in the right direction, as its peace is closely associated with the peace in Afghanistan.

Long standing mistrust between Pakistan and Afghanistan is melting with both making efforts to come closer, numerous high level visits to each other countries for confidence building measures with rigorous discussions to start a new journey of trust and brotherly relations.

Pakistan has been blamed for partnering with Taliban over the years and is accused for the attacks carried out in Afghanistan. Pakistan has always denied such allegations and termed it as baseless.

Afghanistan is striving to get out of war-like situation after US-led forces departure from their soil. Sincerity has been shown by the elected government there to promote peace and stability in the region. The landmark pact of this new beginning is the intelligence sharing deal between the premier intelligence agencies of both countries and secondly, Pakistan openly condemning attacks carried out by the Taliban. A statement that Afghans have always asked for.

Hostile countries may not be happy on these lines of direction that both countries are moving on, they may try to disrupt the process. Both brotherly countries have to be conscious, vigilant on the way and be aware of the situation to keep things on track and to foil the enemy’s attempt to derail the dialogue process.

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