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Miracles do occur….. we need to believe in them

The sky was translucent gray and gust of a clammy, cold wind kept rattling the screen door. I was standing next to the hospital window, when heavy rain started lashing against a window. I hurriedly moved to a side and closed it. Suddenly a nurse entered the room and told me that Dr Mehnaz was calling me. My heart started pounding and with heavy steps, I moved towards her cabin. As I reached, I knocked at the door,

“Come in”, a voice immersed from the cabin. I opened the door and found Doctor Mehnaz sitting and looking at her laptop anxiously. When she saw me, she changed her expression immediately as if to help me calm down and relax. But I knew that the situation was not fine at all and it was all due to my fault.

“Are you alright?” her voice distracted me from my guilt feeling. “Yes” I replied. “Good, u need to be”, she replied. “As you know that your mother’s case is really critical,” she continued.” She has been in ICU for the last 3 days  and hasn’t respond to any of our medicines, so we have decided to operate on her. This ought to be dangerous, but we need to do this”, she explained. “How much dangerous could it be?” I questioned. She took a deep breath and answered slowly. ‘’This could lead her to coma, but try to think of its positive aspects, as there is a 10% chance for recovery, just try to e positive’’, she said.

‘’OK! Let’s operate on her’’ I replied with a confident voice. She patted on my shoulder. ‘’Tomorrow morning at 10:00pm a team of surgeons will be arriving… she was telling me all the details, but I was remembering the incident that occurred 3 days ago.

My mom and I set out for shopping for my cousin’s wedding. My mom was driving a car and I was sitting beside her. ‘’Mom can you please drive faster! ’’ I was continuously saying. “No I can’t drive recklessly,” she replied. “Mom I am not asking you to drive recklessly but to drive faster”, I argued.  She sped up the car, when suddenly a truck immersed in front of us and my mother was not able to control the car and it hit the truck. After that I didn’t remember anything. When I came to my sense, I found myself lying on the hospital bed and my mother was in the ICU.

It felt like someone had drained the very life out of me. I felt numbness setting in my extremities. I gathered the courage to stand up from the doctor’s cabin and with heavy steps moved towards the ICU. As I reached, I saw my mother lying still on the bed. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. My heart broke, watching her suffer quietly. I cursed myself for being responsible for her condition. I held her hand and sat there for an hour when I heard the Azaan. I immediately came out, did wazu and stood up to pray.  I cried and prayed to Him for my mother. I prayed to Him to take my mother out of this condition. I prayed to Him to bring her back to me.  I prayed to Him as He is the One and only.  I was crying so hard that the words seemed to disappear from my mouth.

Next morning when I woke up, heavy rain was still splattering against the window. I was again called by doctor Mehnaz. When I went to her I found a group of doctors sitting. She told me that they were here to operate on my mother. Meanwhile when they were discussing the condition, a nurse entered the room. She gasped a little and after taking a deep breath, continued,”Doctor Mehnaz, the patient in ICU has moved her fingers and blink her eyes. She is coming to her senses. The team of surgeons and Doctor Mehnaz ran towards the ICU and I followed them. As I reached there, I saw Dr Mehnaz checking my mother. My mother’s eyes were wide open.

“This is a miracle,” Doctor Mehnaz came out and said. “We will shift her to a room after a while then you will be able to see her”, she explained and left. I smiled looking at her and sat on the chair nearby. After 10-15 minutes, I realized that we could hear nothing but silence. There were no voices to be heard, no sound of rushed footsteps; all I could hear was the sound of rain. I sat down quietly and waited for the happiness to spread in every inch of me. It was then that I slowly mustered up the courage to get up and I sank to my knees, thanking God for sparing me from a terrible fate and for keeping my mother safe. Sometimes it takes is just one Prayer to change everything.

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