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Those who never die

People come in this world and depart for hereafter. It is a very common exercise but some never die. They never leave this world. We call them heroes; their souls leave this world but their mission and cause remain here for a longer period of time. Their cause of serving humanity until their last breath makes their names immortal. Being a hero is definitely an extraordinary achievement but it is not an easy job. It requires many sacrifices of desires, dreams and wishes. In fact, only those people can become heroes who want to serve the humanity and work hard to give them the power they are lacking. Supernatural powers are not required to become a hero.Every person can become a hero but it requires unending hard work and struggle. The intentions should be only to serve the mankind, needy, crippled and sick.

Bashir Hussain Malik, died on Friday, 24th April, 2015. I was heading to Rahim Yar Khan and was near Rawalpindi when I learnt about his death. I returned to Abbotabad to attend his funeral. I had never seen such a big crowd in my life at someone’s funeral ever. He was a well-known personality of the area but the majority of attendees were poor, who were favored by him when he was alive.

He was awarrior of Human rights and democracy wearing a cloak of an Advocate with a sword of Politics forged with the experience and sacred vow in his mind to serve the humanity”. His father Misaal Khan was a philanthropist and had served the Union Council of Phala Kootas a BD member. He lived his childhood in Aziza Baad – a village named after his grandfather which kept reminding him about the services of the family to the poor. His degree of Law was from Peshawar University. He started politics as a supporter of Lady Fatima Jinnah. In 1968 he joined the Council Muslim League of Mian Mumtaz Doltanaas a joint secretary in district Hazara,. He was a very strong voice of District Bar Abbotabad.

When Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan started the Tehreek-e-Istaqlaal, he joined it and became the leader of Hazara division. He helped Asgar Khan win both seats of National Assembly from Abbotabad. He served the District Council of Abbotabad as opposition leader. He became the Mayor in 2000 during the Regime of General (R) Musharaf and served the city, especially the remote areas. During this time,he continued to serve the humanity. According to his lawyer friends,” he never visited the court for his own earning but just to help the poor and needy, and to help them to earn their Justice.” According to his family, he was deceived by his fellows, juniors and his business companions but he forgave them all in his life. It costed him a lot, probably in millions but still he was good with them. Some of his good friends were Mehdi Zaman Khan, Ali Asgar Khan, SardarMaqbool-ul-Rahman, and Justice (R) Sardar Raza Muhammad Khan.

Once a nine year old young boy Subhan was sentenced to death and sent to dungeon cells. He was accused of murdering personnel of Chinese NGO. Subhan used to work in the kitchens of that NGO. He was home when this incident occur. Subhan spent nearly two decades in that dungeon cell striving for justice. His brother met Malik Bashir with some reference. Malik Bashir had left the advocacy but still he followed his case and with the help of Justice Raza, he helped that boy encounter justice after a long time. Subhan visited him first after being released from the Haripur Central Jail. There are several other stories that can be quoted about his servings to the humanity.

His taste of poetry demonstrates the wellness of his personality. Besides, he was very good in politics too. According to Ali Asgar Khan,

Malik Bashir Hussain was a worthy and loyal political companion. His efforts for democracy can’t be denied.

The purpose of writing about him at the occasion of his death is to appreciate his cause – to serve the humanity. Because he died due to cancer, one of his children is now willing to start an awareness campaign for this disease. According to her,

I have seen my father dying due to cancer but I’ll not let other fathers die due to this. I will educate them, I will aware them and help them to end this fatal from earth.

To pen off the discussion, I would rather say that even if I couldn’t meet him, still it seems I have spent a lot of time with him. When people talk about him, I feel that I had been there when he was helping others. I want to appreciate his work.  It is he and many other people like him who are responsible for making this world beautiful.What l truly learnt from his life is that “real life is to live for others and serve humanity.” Otherwise there is no difference between the life of a man and an animal.

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