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Review of the book “The Girl On The Train”

“The Girl On The Train” is Paula Hawkins’ debut novel which makes it really hard to believe because she has written it so well. Nobody can write a thriller novel so brilliantly.

We all know it’s really hard to engross readers in a book these days and when you’re writing a thriller novel, you need to make the plot enthralling with every page turn.

“The Girl On The Train” typically revolves around Rachel Watson who is a devastated, divorced and a filthy drunk woman. She has been left by her husband Tom who went ahead to marry Anna. Rachel has no aim in life after Tom left her. She’s been travelling from Ashbury to London on a commuter train on daily basis. Everyday on her way to London, she sees houses through the window and becomes familiar with the people living in those houses. There’s one couple she gets seeing accustomed to. Scott and Megan Hipwell. She calls them “Jess and Jason.”
Their blissful married life inspires her and makes her remember her own time with Tom. She becomes familiar with Scott and Megan and starts to fantasize their happy lives.
However, one Saturday night a horrific accident takes place and Megan Hipwell goes missing. Rachel had not realized that the same night would cause her to become a permanent part of their mysterious lives. The people she’d been seeing through the commuter train window would be thrown into her life.
As events unfold and time moves on, she becomes deeply involved in that case.

This book is highly engrossing, sustainably enthralling and definitely a compulsive read. Definitely a top notch suspense book I’ve read after a long time!”


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