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All the meaningless hullabaloo about Imran’s alleged daughter

Much talk is revolving around a recent Instagram update of Jemima Khan’s that depicts Tyrian White and her birthday celebrations, driving many Pakistanis crazy. First and foremost, I would like to question the importance of this issue, at a time when our country is engaged in conflict with the Taliban?  Zardari is spewing hate speech against the army, the Judicial Commission is releasing more and more evidence against the elections of 2013 and when half of the population is living below the poverty line.

But since we Pakistanis have a tendency to make petty things an issue, let us consider this picture. Jemima was the sole reason Imran Khan was forced to recognize his daughter publicly and ask for forgiveness as an expiation of what was termed a ‘sin’ but according to many people, Tyrian White Khan possesses documents that state the legality of her birth and her mother’s relationship with her father Imran Khan, i.e: nikkah documents.

Now, I do not know why Imran Khan has constantly refused to acknowledge his marriage but if it happened, for Pakistanis, there remains no scandal as to the illegitimacy of Tyrian’s. However if this is false, and there were no marital relations, even then it is an incident which is 20 years old, something which has been apologized for, to God and to the nation as a whole. And to consequently abuse and question the presence of Tyrian by Pakistani populace is foolhardy indeed.

Tyrian was adopted by Jemima Khan and remained under her supervision for quite a while. To post family pictures including her is natural indeed but for the general public of Pakistan outclassing it and reprimanding the owner of the picture is unacceptable.

I have seen this picture circulating on social media on various forums, none appraising the people involved. It is hilarious how a simple family snap can be manipulated enough for political use, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this appears on headline news pretty soon, because that is just how low our society has stooped to.

However I do have one thing to say, one’s personal secrets should not be aired on a worldwide platform, scrutinized and used to malign them. Let the private matters stay private so that public matters in need of prompt attention be brought forward and solved immediately.

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