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Beating the Summer blues with 10 Summer Essentials (For Women)

With the arrival of summers while most of us are beating the summer blues with our favorite pina coladas and ice scones, it is essential to keep in line with the hot and sultry weather and keep oneself physically charged and ready to embrace the heat waves!

I thought of putting these 10 basic essentials to welcome the summer heat in style. Whether you are out on your favorite brunch café, by the beach or pooling with friends, these tips will keep you fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

A High-Medium SPF Sunscreen

So much so that all cosmeticians put great emphasis on using a High SPF sunscreen, sun lotions or sun protectors. They all make a point since they protect the skin from direct waves of the sun. You may choose any brand from your nearest drugstore; the best of which are Advanced Suncare Invisible Protect Clear Cool Lotion SPF 50+, L’ORÉAL PARIS, Cocoa Butter Formula Sunscreen Stick SPF 50, PALMER’S, CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30, NEUTROGENA in the new category, while you can search for similar ones on the shelf near you. They not only protect you from the harmful sunrays that may cause cancer but also give you a gorgeous glow while you are out and about and does not grease, clog or cake-up your skin.

A Cold Water Bottle

While a cold water bottle does not seem to be a big issue yet keeping yourself hydrated all time while you are out and about is one major issue. Specially, for climate zones like here in Pakistan the summer is dry in northern areas and humid at coastal areas, a water bottle should be a must in your backpacks. It helps in maintaining your hydration at all times and keeps you away from breakouts (especially in case of women who tend to wear makeup in summers) and keeps your skin all oil-free.


No introduction needed but a must have while you are beaching or out in the sun. Sunnies should be a must since they protect the sensitivity of your eyes and no wonder they look pretty hot when you wear it on the right outfit. (Wink).

Lighter toned summer attire

While the Summer Lawn Fiesta is already in full swing and the Ramazan and Eid festivities are also approaching, it would be great if the summer dresses are kept in lighter tones and more florescent. They are lively, more in line with the trend and keep you cool throughout the day. Moreover, once again lighter hues do not absorb sun rays the way dark ones do and hence protect you from the scorching rays, while also keeping you less sweaty. Many brands like Nishat, Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, GulAhmed and Al-Karam have come up with great amalgamation of lighter color palette in greens, pinks and yellows that you may choose from.

P.s. Yellow and florescent green are my personal favorites.

Less layers of Makeup

So, many a times I have heard morning show guests ( and beauticians) emphasizing on less make-up during day time while a heavier coat at night. While the reason remains the same wearing a heavy, caked-up layer of make-up during the day especially in summers will leave your skin drier towards the end of the day, the cakey look will eventually start to wear off due to sunrays and  leave you with wrinkles. A heavy layer clogs your skin pores during the day and is a reason for breakouts and pigments. So in order to keep your skin glowy, flawless and fresh, a lighter tone of a good liquid foundation works best during the day. It camouflages all the uneven tone and dark spots and leaves you with a flawless look!

Flip flops

While flip flops are my personal favorites, they are not a must have. Yet they do look pretty amazing and playful during the summer days, especially if you are out beaching or on a pool side. They are comfortable and colorful.

Hand Sanitizer

Of all the other summer essentials, this should be the must-have product in your backpack. A hand sanitizer is a must use before and after a breakfast, lunch or brunch, since summer is the peak season where most of us fall sick due to unhygienic activities. During summer times infections and viruses are common, so in order to avoid them a hand sanitizer should be in your pocket at all times!

Wet tissues

Since most of the summer essentials are on the out and about, wet tissues are another necessary item to refresh oneself during long day hours. You can hydrate your skin on hands or face by using a wet tissue and can also use them to wipe off excess makeup and freshen it up! Simple and easy!


I would personally recommend people who are spending most of their day hours in the sunlight should be utilizing a Headscarf (women) or Hats (men/women) to cool – off their heads (JK) to protect the hair follicles from longer sun hours which seem to damage them.

Low-pad UG’s

While this is only and strictly for women, they should utilize in lesser padding during daytime to avoid absorption of sun rays which is harmful in the long run.

I hope this helps my readers in beating the Summer Sun in Style ‘cause YOLO… Sun is UP!!

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