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Falsa – A poor man’s rich fruit!

Falsa is a sour-sweet-reddish-purple fruit

With blue or black berries it is often confused,

So easily it is mashed and prepared into juice

With a little salt or pepper in addition to the fruit!

And Grewia Asiatica is a small Asian tree

The tree bears Falsa when the summer’s at its peak!

For benefits in health and for it’s cooling effect

The fruit you consume for this weather is correct!


It doesn’t only beat the heat; it is a natural drug

Protects you from a sunstroke, also purifies your blood

It solves a bunch of digestive and respiratory problems

Relieving skin infections; speeding up the dorsal column!


In almost all the busy streets of Islamabad

I see a poor man who is working very hard!

He’s carrying a basket on a cycle; never cycles

The basket carrying Falsa is his means of survival!


Sitting in the air conditioned car, I hear a knock

I lower down the window and the music, when he talks

He’s drenched in a perfume of sweat as he works

His ways to find an honest buck in pockets with no luck


“I travelled every corner of the city, selling these”

He wouldn’t take the money, if it was for sympathies

I buy the rich fruit from the poor man to please

A few kilos of Falsa has endorphins to release!

Waiting by for the poor man’s sake

To Tuning Radio Fm Eighty Nine, I relate

Half the country struggles every day to lose weight

While other half starving for the daily bread awaits!

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