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Seeking Pleasure in Else’s Misery: – The Approach of a Sadist Nation

Far away, long ago there lay a city called Baghdad. A city like non other, the house of wisdom, the nucleus of culture and the epicenter of civilization. Civilization of the highest order, when the rest of the planet found it’s self in the age known as the medieval, Baghdad saw the height of evolution. Contentment, merry and joy seemed to surround all those who breathed in Baghdad but little knew that those breaths were short lived. Soon arrived the 13th century, soon arrived the Mongols and Baghdad saw what wasn’t her wildest dream. The waters of Tigris running black with ink of the books drowned in them, the minarets laying low on the ground as if pebbles razzed down and the foul stench of decay driving even the vultures away from their feast. Mongols were invaders with a mystique, marauders with an exception, for they had little interest in plunder and more in destruction, they fancied suffering more than demise and their lust for the sight of infliction of pain exceeded their lust for infliction of pain itself.  As Caliph Al-Musta’sim was made to witness the decapitation of his sons, history witnessed the rise of a Sadist Nation sipping wine in the skulls of those lay conquered.

A Sadist Nation is a nation with little interest in either its evolution or its wellbeing and thus finds no delight in its own uplift. What brings about its exultation is the plight of others. Quandary, dilemma, trouble whatever misfortune besieges the ill-fated is a source of grin upon its face. The joyful be deprived of their joy, the respected belittled and the reputed disparaged that is all a Sadist Nation hearkens for and that is all it rejoices.

Pakistan by means of its virtues is both a sadist and an ideological nation and thus its sadist approaches are often driven by its self-righteous devout ideology. Not long ago when the long awaited news of the United States being struck by natural calamities such as Rita and Katrina, reached the eager ears, Op-eds in Newspapers and Features in Magazines and the reflection of the society Social Media all felt duty bound to praise the Lord for how he took revenge from their enemies. Interestingly the same transpired during the Tsunami where no apparent adversaries were present but obviously one could see lord’s hand choking those busy partying far away from his path of salvation and redemption. Let alone Cyclones and Quakes Pakistanis also got vivid theories about the sinking of Titanic.

A sadist nation of the size of Pakistan, is deemed to have an appetite difficult to meet. Feeding on else’s hardship is a usually a scarce delight and thus often a times the nation feeds upon the agony of its own.

A couple of months ago this zealously sadist nation went onto a glee samba as heavens bestowed upon it what gratified its eyes to the maximum. A nefarious, hell-bound, obscenemodel was arrested at Islamabad Airport on the charges of currency smuggling. Hurrah,Whoopee and YES Takbeer, the nation sprung into joy as it seemed plausible that a well to do, beautiful young lady far away from the path of redemption has finally attracted the divine fury. With all the cheesy item numbers downloaded, the media was all set to COVER the model and her case.

In course of proceedings whenever Ayyan Ali came to appear in a Rawalpindi Court a  pack of hoodlums awaited, some of them reporters, some of them stalker and some debauched in an expectation of getting to fell the skin a misfortunate lassie. Some of the RAW footages of her appearance (without the item songs in the background) depict the predicament the dame undergoes in the land of TAQADUS-E-CHADAR-O-CHAR DEVARI, and that precisely is the fodder which keeps the starved sadist cattle satiated. A few acclaimed highs in this spectacular reportage of the money laundering saga were: –

  • National Media running stories of Ayyan suffering of an abhorrent allergy that has made the inmates run away from her.
  • National Media reporting in a relishing manner how Ayyan was touched in appropriately by a by-stander.
  • National Media describing a belittled Ayyan pursuing the real path to salvation through
  • National Media exposing a vile soul continuing the trade of her honor for her merry.

The mainstream press seemed on a celestial mission to bring about as much agony as it can on this nefarious soul away from His path. In this quest hurling abuses and chanting curses didn’t work alone. Misreporting and preposterous investigative predictions also come into action: –

  • Reports that Potent Quarters have managed the transfer of an honest and upright Judge in order to grease the bail of the accused. (Whereas Judges in Customs Courts are transferred As Per E&D of the respective High Court and the newly appointed judge also shy away from the grant of a bail.)
  • Reports that Customs Prosecutorhas been changedfollowings a decision of not arguing adjacent to a bail application in the High Court. (On the contrary Customs prosecutors did argue in opposition to the bail and thus the bail was rejected.)
  • Reports that the Investigative Officer of the case was shot dead because he had managed to obtain substantial evidence vis-à-vis money laundering. (The slain officer was I fact an Inspector at the Warehouse with nothing to do with the merits of the case.)

The media in disguise of the chants about all the goodies that awaited Ayyan via nefarious designs, ensured that amicable pressure rests upon the investigators, the prosecutorsand the judges thus disabling them to grant even the rightful remedies she deserved. Almost each news item that has ever surfaced with regards to this case has not failed to mention the “Friendly Attitude” of the customs authorities towards Ayyan. Witty friendly attitude that be which has her behind bars for 3 months.

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