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Building a better Pakistan- our collective responsibility

There is a system which is controlled by Allah Almighty. On the Day of Judgment, everyone will be answerable in front of Him.

Throwing garbage from windows, spitting on roads / buildings, telling lies to each other, placing blame on each other, etc has become a part of everyday life for us now. Pushing each other while getting lined up for prayers, fear of losing slippers while in Masjid, and using religion as a shield to hide behind it, is a sad reality of our society. Irresponsible driving, crossing roads blindly despite of pedestrian bridges and uneven parking practices demonstrate the mentality of our distressed society.

As humans & Pakistanis we have stopped trusting each other, honesty & trustworthiness has been lost from our lives. We forget the promises we make & lose loyalty. We are not reliable and ultimately lose credibility between words & actions. Alas being human, our reputation is at risk which often results in us facing criticism in the world.

It’s really sad to see that if any student is scolded by a teacher; parents in turn dishonor the teacher which encourages the child to repeat that act. Character building starts within our homes & it should be parents’ supreme responsibility to teach their children how to respect elders.

Building a civilized society is a collective responsibility of every human being residing in that society. Parents, teachers & elders should teach children how to treat others better than they treat you. Be open-minded and tolerate differences, deal peacefully with disagreements.

We are accountable for our actions; if we do good, we will be dealt with in kind. We have to be fair not with our own selves but generally as well, governments, people ruling the country etc. Rulers take oath that ‘we will work honestly and sincerely and be remain faithful and loyal to the Government of Pakistan’. Chaos in Pakistani society is just because we within ourselves have lost our integrity, commitments and competency of being loyal & faithful. We aren’t open-minded towards others.

Through this blog, I just want to send a message to my fellow countrymen, that we can make Pakistan a better society by starting today from ourselves. Being parents we should realize that we are role models for our coming generations. We can teach our children the importance of being honest, caring & building personal morals.

Generate and sustain trust, demonstrate respect, responsibility, fairness & caring behaviors are the foundation of a decent society. Small things can create miracles, be cooperative, share information, be a good neighbor, protect environment, be a law abiding citizen, exhibit civic duties, forgive others, help the needy, express gratitude. These are just simple, common things which are present in Holy Quran & taught by Holy Prophet (PBUH).

There is a system which is controlled by Allah Almighty, no one and nothing is hidden from Him. On the Day of Judgment, everyone is answerable in front of Him.

Let’s make ourselves proud, our ancestors proud, Quaid-e-Azam proud with Allah Almighty’s blessings. Pakistan Zindabad.

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