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Moment of confession

Discussion of RAW’s involvement in Pakistan on national level in the last month raised many eyebrows and many questions especially after the core commanders conferences. Reservations as a reaction were natural as suspicion became national rhetoric. Deep involvement of RAW was questioned, dubiously targeting the number 01 status of Intel operations.

Where people questioned the payrolls of generals and Intel agencies, did somebody hear any negation of statement from Indian side? I believe none but India does run havoc by confessing that they do ‘sponsor terrorism to counter terrorism’. With all courage and boldness, Manohar Parrikar uttered a statement making a signature impression. Parrikar’s legacy was further taken on by Rajnath, showing more boldness. Well, where if it ran down the spine, it does give a clear impression of confession.

Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar

These statements embraced wide coverage in Pakistan as it was somehow answering the RAW imprint rhetoric in Pakistan. I certainly believe that our agencies have never given easy time to India. Pakistan and India being regional rivals have been in regular or irregular warfare considering ‘all fair’ in this war. So if Pakistan sticks to rhetoric of RAW in Pakistan, so do the Indians, does this equalize the equation? They accept, we negate – that’s how states work in anarchic system of international relations.

Now when we see Balochistan and FATA, we suspect foreign hands pulling strings from consulates. Then the story does not stop here. India specifically Modi does believe in maintaining global ties but not so close as that of India-Iran on Chabahar. Pretty understandable as Gawadar project especially when it is administrated by China bites a lot.

And if it is to give last proof uncovered, India has openly retaliated to CPEC, called it unacceptable, raising concerns over it route. It is very clear that CPEC would help Pakistan redeem and there is nothing illegal about it yet it pinches India. The area CPEC passes through from Pakistan’s administered Kashmir but India remains stubborn. This signifies nothing but the jaundiced mentality India has over regional politics, pity!

Pak and India were never kind to each other, rather this relation needs an issue to live, breathe and die for. India claims that its 1.3 million army is not to preach peace but ours does fight for a reason. India’s stubbornness does not need elaboration, it is marked in history. But Pakistan has to culminate the rhetoric of RAW footprint as enough has been lost in this rivalry, losing more would be a marked defeated.

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